YouTube movies are playing too fast with chrome


I've seen this question multiple times across multiple forums, with no solutions in sight... so this calls for support.

What is wrong: flash video players embedded into webpages play video too fast with no sound, flash animations generally play too fast as well, with jerky motions.

Do I know when exactly this all started: no. No upgrades to hardware after which this glitch manifested, no OS overhauls, nothing. Periodic Microsoft updates is all I can think of.

OS version: WinXP 32 bit

Browser version: Chrome v. 24.0.1312.52 beta-m Firefox v. 17.0.1 IE v. 8

(problem manifests in Chrome and Firefox. IE is still able to play video with sound, but any attemp to browse to a different page when a video is playing causes the active tab to hang up)

Flash player version: 11.5.502.146

Fixes from Flash Player help ( I tried:

1. Deleted Flash Player browsing...

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If a video on YouTube, Facebook, or other sites isn’t working on your Chrome browser—for example, it doesn't load, stays blank, or causes Chrome to freeze or crash—try the troubleshooting tips below.

Update Chrome

You might need the latest version of Chrome to play your video. Learn how to update Chrome for your computer and mobile device.

Turn on JavaScript

Your video might require JavaScript. YouTube videos, for example, won't run without JavaScript.

To turn on JavaScript, follow the steps below:

Open a new Chrome browser window.Type chrome://settings/content into the address bar.In the JavaScript section, select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended).To close the window, click Done.In the top left, click the refresh button . This will update the settings.


Open the Chrome menu .Select Settings.Under "Advanced," touch Site Settings.Touch JavaScript, then make sure the toggle switch is ON.Exit and reload...
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Recently somebody I know was experiencing a problem in his Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. When trying to view a video in YouTube, the video wouldn’t play properly. It would either have no sound or completely stop after playing for a few seconds. It could only really be 2 possibilities, and that is an unstable internet connection or flash player has a problem since YouTube uses flash player to stream its videos. It was confirmed that the problem only appeared in Chrome and Firefox but worked perfectly in Internet Explorer browser.

Immediately, this tells us that the installed flash player is either corrupted or an outdated version of flash is being used which doesn’t support YouTube or is not properly compatible with the specific versions of Chrome or Firefox. The solution to fix this problem is to completely uninstall the currently installed flash player, download the latest version and then install it. Here are the detailed steps:

For Chrome...

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"Now, the place where the video would be playing is just one big black box and it is workable yesterday. What's going on and why are YouTube videos not playing? I've been trying to look for a solution but have been unsuccessful. Is there anyone can help me? Thanks in advance."

As one of the most popular video sharing and streaming sites, YouTube have many loyal fans all the time and it always brings much funny or important information for users. But, almost all of us have encountered the situation of YouTube not playing videos. And some people can figure out the right way to restart YouTube videos, while other can't. For making everyone painlessly solve YouTube videos not working problem, here we clearly list causes and solutions for YouTube playback issue.

Main Causes and Solutions for YouTube Videos Not Playing

1. Browser is outdated.

No matter what kind of browser installed on your Mac/PC/iPad iPhone (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and more), you...

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The YouTube video streaming website is full of entertaining, educative and informative video files that can easily be watched from various handheld and computer devices. However, this beneficial website lacks a set of dedicated tools that can be used to download such video files for offline viewing forcing various computer and smartphone users to look for alternative reliable YouTube video downloader applications and computer programs. This article is going to focus entirely on a computer program known as the fastest YouTube movie downloader for Chrome.

Part 1: The Fastest YouTube Movie Downloader for Chrome

iTube Studio - The Best YouTube Movie Downloader for Chrome

Apart from Google Chrome, iTube Studio for Mac (or iTube Studio for Windows) fully supports other conventional web browsers like Safari, IE, and Mozilla Firefox. It is almost impossible to lose the quality of downloaded video and audio files thanks to the beneficial tools that...

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I've recently came upon a


submission which explains how to use mplayer (or VLC) to view YouTube videos external, but while browsing using Firefox (method 1).

While some may find method #1 (works for Firefox only) to be more convenient, I am using method #2 and love it, especially since #2 should work with any browser (I've only tested it with Firefox and Chromium though).

There are other ways of doing this, like:
- a Greasemonkey script which replaces the Flash Player on websites with VLC or Mplayer but that was kind of buggy;
- an external YouTube player but I usually you'll find links YouTube links inside your browser so you would have to copy each link in an external player, etc. and that's too much trouble.

But you will probably find the methods in this post to be more convenient because:

you can open any link you're browsing in Firefox, in Mplayer of VLC (method 1) because we are going to use youtube-dl, you can set the...
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As the most popular video-sharing website, YouTube attracts lots of users to watch and upload videos every day. However, during the daily using, you may also encounter various YouTube playing issues. Which problem bothers you most? You may say that, YouTube videos cannot play normally. In this article, we will mainly talk about why YouTube videos not playing and effective ways to deal with it.

The situations of YouTube videos not playing

1. YouTube videos don't play or load on Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari or any other frequently-used browsers.

2. During YouTube videos playing, only get white/black/green screen or the spinning wheel in the interface.

3. Click a new YouTube video, and the YouTube starts to play with audio out of sync or no sound.

4. All of a sudden, YouTube cannot play any videos. The playing window goes black (YouTube black screen) and prompt message says that "an error occurred, please try again later".

Main Causes and...

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Maybe you have encountered the trouble about YouTube video not playing before. It's not rare that YouTube stops working for this or that reason. The common prompt including "YouTube video doesn't start", uTube video loads slowly", "YouTube videos won't load" on Safari, Chrome of laptop, or mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. YouTube loadsbut video doesn't play", "video gets stuck" and " Vdeo Player is blank with no video". For everyone painlessly solve YouTube videos not working problem, here we clearly list causes and solutions for YouTube playback issue.

The issues and solutions on YouTube videos not playing

1. Too many browser cache and cookies

Cache refers to a hidden storage that contains the data that enables your web browser to work faster. Cookies are small files stored on your devices storage. But too many cache and cookies will lead to video not playing on YouTube. The ability of your browser or its installed extension can also affect...

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