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The command sudo service gdm stop would successfully disable the X server in Ubuntu 11. 04 temporarily. However, this same command no longer works in Ubuntu 11
In the past the past I used to use xmodmap to prevent the Caps Lock button from working, and then tell Launchy to handle the key press instead. I can't seem to do this anymore. What is the best way to disable Caps Lock's normal behavior, and make it
I had the same problem on my Dell Inspiron with 5th generation i5 running Ubuntu 14. 04. Luckily I found an easy solution for this
:) I wanted to do this too, and I figure I most often want to do it in a web browser (where else do you really mouse-wheel scroll a great deal?) For Google ChromeOne can no longer change the scroll amount with command line parameters. However, you ca
There are some steps to take: 1. System wide Menu and titlebar scalingStarting with 14. 04 we have an option that helps a bit: Scaling Support open the System Settings (here in english:) LANG=c unity-control-center Go to "Displays" and set the "Scale
This chapter introduces OpenGL. It has the following major sections: What Is OpenGL? OpenGL is a software interface to graphics hardware. This interface consists of about 150 distinct commands that you use to specify the objects and operations needed
I'm not sure why the versions are different but the change seems quite small nvidia-current changelog. The nvidia-current package contains the nvidia driver version that was packaged for 11. 10 before the Feature Freeze
May 3, 2010 I just upgraded to 10. 04 (and a new machine) from 8. 04 and I can't seem to find a way to have the middle button on my mouse act as a double click like I had it on my old machine
A1: for Cygwin 1. 7 If you have a UTF-8 locale configured, this should all just work :-). To confirm this is working properly, you may try the following: If you want to be able type unicode characters into this xterm, you'll need to configure your ba