Questions about: workspaces

If I understand the question correctly, you would like to be able to switch workspaces independently for each screen, so that for example the left screen could be on workspace 1 and the right screen on workspace 3. This is supported by some window ma
For Ubuntu 11. 10 & Ubuntu2DEdit the file /usr/share/unity-2d/launcher/Launcher. qml with your favorite text editor, ie: sudo nano /usr/share/unity-2d/launcher/Launcher
Ubuntu 11. 04I know this is possible with compiz. Do you have/use compiz? if so (install and) open compizconfig-settings-manager and look under the wallpaper plugin
The shortcut Ctrl+Alt + arrow keys allows you to move in the workspaces. You’ll need to turn workspaces on if you’re on 13. 04+
Answer #: 1 Workspaces are by default disabled on a new install of Ubuntu v13. 04. You can toggle workspaces on/off as well as defining the number of workspaces through unity-tweak-tool The number of workspaces can be safely set without using CCSM th
Here's the perfect solution for WINDOWS users! Step 1 - Go to "My Computer" > "Organize" > "Folder & Search Options" > "View Tab" > Check the radio button "Show hidden Files, folders and drives" > and hit "Apply" > "Ok" (Close w