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It just isn't fair that Windows users get all the viruses. I mean really, shouldn't Linux users be in on the fun as well? Well.
The dialog box in question here is the one you get with the context menu option "open with other applications". Wine seems to have inserted more than a dozen or so entries for each application I install, which makes it a pain to find the correct appl
Looks good. fyi, Steiner's microwine is able to use large pages. Here's how:Large Pages in Xubuntu 10
Hi. I did a fresh install of 14. 04 and then i installed nvidia-331 drivers (via software&updates option)
Couple of days back I was trying to run WPSCAN and I received an interesting warning on my XFCE Desktop. WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /root/. cache/keyring-yNzNuC/pkcs11: No such file or directory?
Wine allows you to run many Windows programs on Linux. Its homepage can be found at WineHQ. org
Short-Description: Installing software is now made easy. Do it the Geek’s way using command prompt and quickly install a software on your windows PC with less time consumption and by using just three words. So, you know how to install a Software? Of
Microsoft OneNote is an easy go-to for those looking to bring some organization into their lives. It’s a recognizable brand, it’s free, and it’s integrated into the world’s most popular operating system. But maybe you want to break out of Microsoft’s
jzemeocala Friday 28 November 2014 at 1:16 jzemeocala I figured i would post how I installed The Sims 4 in playonlinux to help anyone else out that is having troubles. The main issue is that The Sims 4 requires vcrun2012 and vcrun2013 which are not i
Most of the most common configuration changes can be done with the winecfg tool. We'll go through an easy, step-by-step introduction to winecfg and outline the options available. In the next section we'll go over more advanced changes you can make us