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In short, it doesn't look likely without some extreme hacking that nobody has done. Microsoft have deliberately nobbled the Windows 8 specification so that this can't happen on ARM-based machines. To be Windows 8 RT compatible (ARM machines only) it
Start by going to ubuntu. com. On the homepage, scroll down and click the red "Get Ubuntu Now" button
Many of us come from the windoze world to Linux through Ubuntu. I wondered whether there is a way to set up Windoze key board equivalents in ubuntu. After searching in the web and doing some experiments myself, I have set up the following in my ubunt
There are some ways to migrate your Wubi installation to a separated partition, but I'll cover the most secure one: Using a Live USB/CD First of all, you should: Know where is your root. disk file in the Live USB. You should have a copy of this helpe
This is a bug. It happens when you create a bootable USB stick with an older version of Ubuntu than the version being installed on the USB stick. Although the answer selected by the person who asked the question works to get around the issue it does
until he/she feels the force) like: lshw - Shows you information about all hardwarelsusb - Shows you information about all USB hardwarelspci - Shows information about all PCI compatible hardwarecat /proc/cpuinfo - Shows detailed information about you
I need my pre-installed version of Windows 7 (or any other version of Windows), how could I install Ubuntu without erasing it? The instructions below are for Ubuntu 11. 10. Other versions will be similar but might have a slightly different appearance
Short-Description: Installing software is now made easy. Do it the Geek’s way using command prompt and quickly install a software on your windows PC with less time consumption and by using just three words. So, you know how to install a Software? Of
This has little to do with any operating system. This is a file system error, which in most cases indicates that the drive was not unmounted properly (user error). It is not an absolute indication of damage, it merely indicates a possibility of a dam
Answer #: 1 Here’s the general outline: Make space for Windows 7 Install Windows 7 Reinstall GRUB Mount the /boot partition Install the boot loader Step One Open up GParted, and make sure that you have at least 20 GB available for Windows 7, either a