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If you want @wulftone (or others), at least until Cinnamon maybe add this possibility later, here is the script I personally use for that (found I don't know anymore where on the web): NEW LINK —AGAIN—: http://pastebin. com/zjFaRh28(updated version a
I know that using Alt-F7, I can use the keyboard to move the window around. I can also use the “Grid” plugin of Compiz to position quickly the window around my current monitor. The grid plugin doesn’t seem work across monitor however
Answer #: 1 First, install wmctrl: sudo apt-get install wmctrl if you haven’t installed it already. Then, run wmctrl -m. man wmctrl says in part, -m Display information about the window manager
Gimp is nice, but the one thing that drives me nuts is that everything floats around in front of each other, often hiding the main window and forcing me to minimize all open windows until I find the one floating window that I am looking for. I’d like
Answer #: 1 As others have mentioned, it depends on the theme. Try a few out. What I frequently do instead is hold down Alt and middle-click and drag to resize, which works anywhere on the window
Answer #: 1 13. 04 and later (GUI) Follow-on-focus settings can be set using the unity-tweak-tool 12. 10 and later (command line) The following controls follow-on focus gsettings set org