Which programs can I use to edit PDF files? [duplicate]


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Text Editor for very big file - Windows
What editor/viewer to use to inspect large text based files?

Any text editor can do XML as long as they're small, but I need to edit XMLs way over 100MB each.

These XMLs are conversions from binary formats (and round trip binary->xml->binary doesn't change a byte), so I cannot really split any parts out. I'm trying some tricks to make the file smaller while still keeping it editable, but sheer amount of data makes it very difficult.

Are there any programs that can deal with even massive XML? At least basic functionality like editing by hand, find and replace etc., but if I could also get xml diffs, and xml search and replace with xquery or something like that, that would be just...

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There are many ways in which a PDF file can be edited, using a wide range of editor tools that are on the market. This page focuses on the typical editing needs in a prepress environment. The following types of changes are discussed:

Text manipulations: how to edit text in a PDF. Image editing: how to edit an image in a PDF file or replace it. Page related changes: how to delete pages, change their order or rotate them. Altering a PDF file: how to merge pages from separate PDF files, edit password protected files or add bleed. Color editing: how to convert a PDF from color to black&white.

At the bottom is also a small overview of PDF editing applications.

Always keep in mind that PDF files are an accurate representation of a document. They are meant for output or on-screen viewing. They are not intended to be intermediate files that can still be edited. There are programs on the market that allow you to change the content of a PDF file and there are applications or...

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PDF Editor help

To the detail page of PDF Editor

The user interface
I can not use all characters
I can not select and edit this text
Edit scanned files
Text tools: How to work with text
Split and merge files: The pages tabsheet
The virtual keyboard of Text/Change
Copy and paste
How to work with Pictures
Select and move objects, reduce the space between lines.
I can not go back to edit
Security settings, encrypt a pdf file
I can not open this pdf file
Merge two pdf file
Add comment fields
I can not delete this picture.
Graphic tools (lines, vector objects)
How to work with this program?
Copy and paste between two different pdf files.
The main menu
How to add a new picture
Open a pdf file

Click the Bookmarks tab and use the up/down arrows in the Page field to display the proper page number where you want to set the...
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Out of all the common file types found in our computing world, PDF is probably one of the most restrictive ones, while at the same time being available for everyone to use (primarily to read). Indeed, the world of PDF reading is full of sunshine and rainbows, but once you want to create your own PDFs it seems as if you’ll be leaving with an empty wallet – if anything.

No need to fear! While Adobe is hush about it, there are a number of different ways to create and edit PDF files for free without using one of Adobe Acrobat’s paid products. Let’s find out how this is possible.

Using LibreOffice/OpenOffice

LibreOffice LibreOffice - A Free Office Suite For Windows, Linux & Mac /OpenOffice is quite a powerful office suite which you can get for free. While it doesn’t match Microsoft Office’s features 100%, it does include a few of its own. With the free suite, you can edit any document you...

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Learn how to edit a PDF by breaking a single PDF file into multiple PDF documents.

In this tutorial, learn how to edit PDF by breaking a single PDF file into multiple PDF documents using Acrobat X or XI. Have you ever needed to break a PDF into parts or separate files? Perhaps you only need to email a few pages to someone instead of the entire file. You can easily break up a PDF document by following a few simple steps using Acrobat X or Acrobat XI Std or Acrobat Pro.

First, open the PDF file that you want to break into different parts. Click on the Tools pane, Pages panel and select the Split Document command. The Split Document dialog allows you to control the split by the number of pages in a file, file size, or by top-level bookmarks. So, let’s say I’d like to split my document into 3 page increments, so I’ll select 3 pages in the Max. pages entry. And the Output Options allow you to control where the files are saved on your system, and how the files will be...

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The problem is not yet solved in any way. What I do, is I use fdupes http://premium.caribe.net/~adrian2/fdupes.html to find exact duplicates.

But most of all, I use a workflow which minimizes duplicates. Every document that enters my system gets indexed with this perl-script I wrote: http://seegras.discordia.ch/Programs/fileindex which puts some name and an md5-sum of it into ~/.fileindex.md5 Now I can change metadata of the local PDF-files or whatever (and run fileindex again), and whenever I accidently download the same file again, I will stil lhave the md5-sum of the original file, and thus can detect whether it's a duplicate.

There's also exif-meta and exif-rename on http://seegras.discordia.ch/Programs/ which help with setting PDF metadata and with renaming PDF-files according to metadata; and if you're tagging all the files correctly, you will end up with duplicate filenames, indicating that they might be the same document within a different...

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I'm on a Macbook Pro with Mac OS Sierra (10.12.5) and I'm looking for software which can identify, manage and delete duplicate files stored in different folders on my mac. Library folders too, if possible. The software must do this for photos (jpg, png, psd) and other documents (txt, docx, pdf) etc.

I don't mind paying for it (but, preferably free), as long as it's not too much. No monthly payment and a maximum of ±€30,-.

If you need any more specs, feel free to ask :-)

Edit: I've come across MacPaw Gemini (and 'CleanMyMac', but that's another topic), but I've heard mixed reviews about them (such as it not being as good for your system as it proposes to be). Any comments on those...

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Scanned PDF documents are some of the most unpleasant file types to work with. This is because if you scan a document and save it directly in a PDF format, all text, diagrams, graphics and images are merged into a large image file. If you want to make a scanned document easier to work with, you will need to deconstruct the large image into manageable elements in the document. Now let's learn the steps to edit scanned PDF with PDFelement.

The best scanned PDF editing tool to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF I have used is PDFelement. It is important to note that it is not a one-trick pony. PDFelement is able to edit, convert, create, protect, sign and print your PDF files, as well as complete PDF forms without the need to print them out.

PDFelement's OCR plugin is really useful to have. It does a great job retaining the appearance of the document while converting it into a readable, editable and searchable PDF file. It supports a wide range of languages...

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Can I use PDF-XChange Editor to add/remove page numbers?

Yes - follow the steps below to add/remove page numbering in PDF-XChange Editor:

Add Page Numbering

1. Click Document in the Menu Toolbar, hover over Header and Footer and then click Add:

The Add Header and Footer dialog box will open:

2. Click a text box to determine the location at which page numbers appear. Use the Margins number boxes to adjust the location, the Page Number and Date Format settings to determine the format and the Page Range Options to determine the page range that will feature the page numbering.

3. Click Insert Page Number.

4. Click OK.

There is also a feature in PDF-XChange Editor that inserts Bates numbering into documents. See here for further information.

Remove Page Numbering

Please note that the process of removing page numbers in PDF-XChange Editor will work only in cases where the application recognizes the...

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As I was browsing through old posts at MakeUseOf Answers the other day, I came across a question that gets asked often. How do you merge duplicate files or folders when you’re using a Windows PC? Linux users have simple tools they can use to quickly compare files, like the diff command for example.

Here at MakeUseOf, we’ve covered lots of apps that merge files, such as Mark’s article on how to merge PDF files Easily Split And Merge PDF Files With This Easy Tool , or Saikat’s article on how to merge video files The Top 5 Free Apps to Split or Merge Video Files . However, what if you just want to merge documents or folders filled with seemingly duplicate lists of files?

In Windows, the task isn’t quite as simple as it is in Linux, but the need does arise every now and then. Maybe you’ve had two common directories for a long time, and despite all...

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This shows Power Edit with several files open. The names of the open files are shown in the tabs at the top.

The current file is being viewed in split window mode, which offers two independent views of the same file.

This shows a typical listing of two directories being compared.

For files that appear in both directories, any differences in file date and size are shown in different colors.

The check boxes may be used to select files for copying, moving or deleting.

Main Window

Preview Window

Tree View Window

This is the window for merging files.

This is the window for splitting files.

This is the window for setting PDF properties.

This shows the Super Text Search window after a search has been performed.

The top section lists all the files containing the search text.

The middle section lists the individual...

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Home of Award Winning Shareware and Freeware!

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Search and Replace
Application Mover
Directory Toolkit
Registry Toolkit
Duplicate File Finder
Resource Translation Toolkit
Replace Studio Pro
Replace Studio Business Edition


License Statements

PO Auto Translator
Customer Database Manager
FSHED - Funduc Software Hex Editor
Search & Replace Reg Expression Wizard
Word Search and Replace macro
Excel Search & Replace macro
PowerPoint Search & Replace macro

What's New

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Replace Studio Professional is the next generation grep utility by Funduc Software. Replace Studio Pro easily searches through text-based files and, if you want, performs replacements with another string. Search/replace can also be done on .docx, .xlsx,...

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InDesign can export PDFs for just about any purpose, onscreen or on-press. It all depends on how you set up the export options. Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner show you how to do it.

Exporting PDF

InDesign can export Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format files (what normal people call “PDF”), which can be used for remote printing, electronic distribution, or as a graphic you can place in InDesign or other programs. InDesign’s PDF files can even include “rich” media, such as buttons, movies, and sounds. InDesign doesn’t need to use the Acrobat Distiller (or the Distiller Assistant) to create PDF files.

Note, however, that Distiller usually makes more compact PDF files than exporting directly from InDesign, which may be important if your PDF files are destined for the Web. If you want to use Distiller to make PDF files instead of creating them directly using the Export feature, you must use the Print dialog box to write PostScript to disk first (we...

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After the download is complete unzip AOI.ZIP then double-click
on AOI.EXE and follow the instructions on the screen to install
the software. Please accept the default path on installation, it can be
changed later.

The software is now installed and ready to use. We are available anytime to go online with you and help you review the Unisoft software. Also the software has HELP for most menu items by hovering over the menu item for a second then click any of the videos, manual or website links. *** It is advisable to print out this document and follow along the procedure below! ***

Pre-Tutorial #1) Open a sample of a completed PC board:

a) Click START on the lower left corner of your Windows desktop.
b) Click PROGRAMS if required in your version of Windows and select the

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