What is the terminal command to take a screenshot?

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What is screenshot(Print Screen)?

A screenshot is an image of your Mac desktop screen or an active window. It is also called Print Screen as in Windows Keyboard there is a physical button labelled "Print Screen" or "Prt SC" that captures the whole screen upon pressed. Screenshot or Print Screen is the best way to show someone exactly what you see on your computer screen. Screenshots on your Mac are great ways to share moments from your favorite videos, high scores from your games on Mac, sharing technical error with your IT Specialist, or even contributing to a blog article.There are multiple ways of taking screenshot on Mac, here I have explained quite a lot of possible ways to take effective screenshot on your Mac. Regardless of your profession- a student, a teacher, a software engineer, or a blogger, you will need to take a screenshot once in a while. For instance you may need to take screenshots to prepare a presentation for your lecture, or in some cases reporting an...
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Ever been stuck with a problem on your desktop/laptop/mac or smart devices only to have go-to trouble shooters tell you to just send them the screenshot? Or maybe you were just completing a transaction on the internet, like booking a ticket online, and your machine or device becomes slow or does not print. You would definitely need a screenshot of the booking confirmation for reference later on. Not sure what a screenshot is or how to capture a screenshot? Read on.

What is a screenshot?
A screenshot, or a screengrab, is the term used to describe a picture or a “photo” of your screen. A screenshot is a handy way of capturing information on your screen, particularly when it can’t easily be printed or when you don’t need a printed copy.

How to capture a screenshot on different platforms?
Capturing a screenshot is a fairly simple non-geeky activity, which does not take more than a minute in-case you were worried.

Steps to capture a screenshot on your...

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We've all seen that little black icon labeled "Terminal" hidden in a utilities folder on our Mac, but what really is it? Well, it is a very important part of how your computer functions, and it's crucial for you to understand if you want to call yourself a professional developer.

In this post, we'll go over what the command line is, as well as some commands to get started using it.

About Terminal

What Is Terminal?

Terminal is an interface for you to execute text-based commands, and it gives you direct access to the underlying operating system, via a shell, on your Mac. A long time ago, before computers had graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the only way to operate a computer was through the command line. Needing to run the computer through the command line helped users better understand what was going on inside their computer.

Ever since GUIs became more commonplace, we have almost forgotten about the command line, and the typical Mac user...

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Taking screenshots on a Mac isn’t as simple as it is on the most popular computing platform across the globe, i.e., Microsoft Windows, and if you’ve made a switch from the latter to the former recently, you would understand exactly what I mean. You’d have found yourself looking for the familiar Print Screen key on the keyboard, only to realize that it doesn’t exist in the world of OS X. What’s more, there’s no evident and apparent way that will let you save whatever you have going on on your screen as an image. Well, while capturing screenshots on OS X might not be as easy as it is on Windows, it’s still fairly simple, and in this article, we’ll tell you all there is to know about screenshots on a Mac machine.

Taking a screenshot on a Mac using keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the most natural and logical way of getting around in an operating system, and thus, Mac supports a number of shortcuts that you can employ to save screenshots in different fashions of...

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How to take a screenshot on Windows?

Here is how you can have a screenshot on Windows:

Press “prtscn” (print screen)

The Windows will capture the entire screen and save it in an ‘invisible’ clipboard.

Where is the “prtscn” button on the keyboard?

On your keyboard, look for the following group of buttons at the upper right side:

PrtScn ScrLk Pause

Note that the Print Screen might be abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

How to take a screenshot of a single window instead of the entire screen?

Here is how you can take a screenshot of a single window:

Hold Alt and press PrtScn

The above keys will capture the current active windows on the screen only and will copy it to the ‘invisible’ clipboard.

How can I paste my saved screenshot into a document?

Here is how you can paste the screenshot saved in the clipboard into a document:

Hold Ctrl and press...

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The MacOS Terminal can be pretty intimidating. It’s the kind of tool that can make anyone feel out of their depth. It lurks there in your Utilities folder beside all those other applications you only ever need to launch when there’s something seriously wrong with your Mac.

This application is a powerful tool that allows you to access the deepest recesses of your Mac and fiddle around with things that you may have thought were off limits. It’s frequently used by system admins and software developers, but it’s easy enough for the average person to use as well.

Let’s take a guided tour through the four most useful MacOS terminal commands, and how you can use them to tailor your MacOS High Sierra experience.

How to open the terminal

This is probably the most important part of this guide since many people don’t know that the Terminal even exists. To open the Terminal, all you need to do is open your Finder, click on Applications there on the left sidebar,...

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The DOS prompt is the last remnant of the primordial era of computing, existing mostly for nostalgia’s sake. Unless you have been computing since the 90’s (or earlier) you have almost no reason to understand the Command Prompt, because why would anyone? It is a dreary spectacle. I like beginning my posts with a little Windows bashing; it helps illustrate how OS X’s Terminal is still relevant and grows in power with each iteration. We have already discussed how you can disable the dashboard and notification center and how to remove drop shadows from screenshots, but that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you learn how to wield this power, you can unlock abilities you didn’t know existed.

We have to accept that modern computing has no place for typing instructions. It is a tawdry affair, to honor which, we will only mention features you can access through the terminal exclusively (and maybe some third-party apps).

Make Your Mac Speak

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Sometimes, we may need to use some screenshots of the output of commands executed in text mode so that we find effective solutions to our problems in Ubuntu/Linux Mint help forums or Q&A websites. The text mode (


) can be enabled by pressing


, etc. Taking screenshots of the output returned in CLI mode can be easily done with the


tool which is available in the official Ubuntu repository.

Getting Started

To install fbcat in Ubuntu/Linux Mint, open the terminal and run this command:

sudo apt-get install fbcat

Now while working in text mode, you can take screenshot of the output returned using this command:

sudo fbcat > image.ppm

Here is a screenshot taken with this useful tool:



tool supports only the


format, but you can convert it to


or any other format using



sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Start then the conversion as...

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How to Take a Screenshot from Terminal on Ubuntu Linux. Shortcut key to take screenshot in Ubuntu. Learn Ubuntu screenshot shortcut and command to capture screen in Ubuntu.

Shortcut key to take screenshot in Ubuntu

Type the command “gnome-screenshot” to take screenshot. This command in similar to use print screen or using screenshot tool.

$ gnome-screenshot

Capture the Current Window:

Type the command “gnome-screenshot -w” to take screenshot of th current window. It is similar to take screenshot of the current active window.

$ gnome-screenshot -w

Take Screenshot After Some Time Delay:

To take screenshot after some delay in seconds, use the command “gnome-screenshot -w -d 2” to take screenshot. The option -d 2 is used for take screenshot after a delay of 2 seconds.

$ gnome-screenshot -w -d 2

Capture a Particular Window Area:

To take screenshot of a particular window area, use the -a option with the command...

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Aside from the keyboard shortcuts, Grab, and other screen shot apps, you can also take screenshots of your Mac OS X desktop directly from the Terminal with the ‘screencapture’ command.

Here is a detailed overview of this utility and how to use it, which allows capturing screenshots from the command line with ease.

The Basics: Taking a Screen Shot from the Terminal in Mac OS X

First up, launch the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/) and then type the following:

screencapture test.jpg

That is the most basic format of the command, it’ll take a screenshot of your entire screen and name it ‘test.jpg’ in the current working Terminal directory, which is typically your user home. You can always specify another location just by choosing a path for the screenshot, here’s the Desktop:

screencapture ~/Desktop/screenshot.jpg

Send the Screen Shot to the Clipboard via Command Line

If you want to send the screenshot to your...

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