What is the “Grave” button?


Digg has brought back the "bury" button, one of the prominent features in "Digg V3" that the site has brought back.

Digg promised to bring back the bury button on Oct. 12, when newly appointed chief executive Matt Williams made the announcement via a blog post.

"When burying a story, the story will remain visible with the 'Buried' label on top of it. Simply hover over the story and the label will hide so that you can continue interacting with the story," Digg employee James Lottering wrote in a blog post. "Note, you can still save or comment on stories that you've buried, but you can't Digg something once you've buried it so make sure you use some discretion when burying. We've also removed the "Report" link from permalink pages. This was intentional, as burying a story also flags the story for review so our team can remove content that violates our terms of service."

Digg also said that the company has made a few improvements to the story page in general;...

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Presentation on theme: "From the cradle To the grave. What are we yoked to? From the cradle to the grave."— Presentation transcript:

1 From the cradle To the grave

2 What are we yoked to? From the cradle to the grave

3 Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” From the cradle to the grave

4 Ephesians 2:8-9 ‘For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.’ What are we yoked to?

5 What is our...

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Beyond the Grave is a medium level 87 quest based in the Canyon of the Lost and starts at the Bantisu Air Temple.

The guardians at the Temple of the Lost in Bantisu have desperately called upon the player to rid the Canyon of the vicious beast nearby that has been ravaging unknowing bypassers. On their journey to destroy this monster, the player stumbles upon a rather interesting encounter.

» Speak to Irlok in the Bantisu Air Temple.


Irlok: Welcome to the Bantisu Temple. We guide adventuring souls onwards. Irlok: There is a monster of such immense power, none of us here are capable of killing it. Irlok: We are offering the highest reward possible for its slaughter. Be warned though, to face the monster is to face your worst fears. Irlok: It frequently takes the lives of many people attempting to cross the canyon, and we need it removed. Irlok: We drove the beast into a cave and attempted to shut it in, but it's become a danger to us all...
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I should start by saying I'm completely new to Adobe Premiere Pro, having previously used Sony Vegas Pro.

I'm using the Adobe "Classroom In A Book" title for Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud but multiple times it talks about hitting the "grave" button at the top left corner of the keyboard to toggle a panel between full-screen mode and back again.

This does nothing for me.

I haven't customised Adobe Premiere Pro CC in any way. I've literally just started with this book (which so far I'm unimpressed by - it talks about far too many things before it's introduced them in later lessons). Googling finds the same answer: the grave button should work.

I'm using a Dell One which has a rather small keyboard. So I swapped that out for a custom "Adobe Premiere" keyboard I bought a few years ago. It highlights the grave key as a purple button marked "Toggle Full Screen".

It still does nothing!

My suspicion is that I've fallen victim to a publisher rushing...

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A Pauper's grave is basically a cheap grave where poor people -commonly used in reference to musicians /artists who left this world with little money- are buried.
A Pauper's grave in not a cheap grave and should not be treated as cheap. It is a free burial for someone that has no money to bury their family or used for an unknown . Otherwise know as a County Burial. Cemeteries have always had a Pauper grave section and is still used today. Very poor people did not have the money to bury their family and they still died. The United States Great Depression had many pauper burials as families were starving, and with no money for food, there was no money to bury their family. There should not be any shame in a pauper grave burial. Family still can gather monies together and put a headstone on their family member in the Pauper Section, no matter how many years it takes. It also does not matter if it is in the Pauper Grave Section, headstones are always excepted by the...

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I don't have the direct answer to your question. However, I can tell you how to find out.

Go to the Window Help. It should be somewhere when you click on the Left bottom Start menu, each Windows OS may be slightly different.

You can search for two sets of keywords.
1. IME which stands for Input Method Editor, each language has numerous IME, e.g. there are more than 5 or 6 different IMEs to enter Chinese text. It is a user preference to pick what to use. Normally, using an IME require some learning. For example, you may be able to type ctrl+' then followed by the letter or some key sequence like that. visit the link below to learn the details for your particular OS.

2. Look for "Character Map". Character Map is a graphic app that pops up on the screen, by scrolling around this app, you will see various foreign text showing up. It is kind of like pick and choose once you've located where the Spanish alphabets are. Then you just select the characters and cut and...

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