What is the equivalent of 'Control-Alt-Delete'?


I'm pretty new with boot loaders, and I'm having some troubles. I had Ubuntu 11.04 installed and working pretty well, but I went to give Fedora 15 a try. I thought dual boot would be ideal. So I used some free space in my HD, installed Fedora 15 Live USB, / in one partion, and /home in another, and a swap. I always use /boot in another 100 MB partition at the start of the disk, so during the F15 bootloader, I directed it to the /boot partition. After reboot, I can get into F15, but when I select 'other' I get an error message (sorry, its hard to remember "boot img not found, press cntrl alt del " ) In a panic, I used an old boot cd, ubuntu 10.10, created yet another really tiny partition of 2.3 gigs from free space, and installed its bootloader in my /boot partition again. I can boot back into Ubuntu 11.04 (or 10.10, which I will see nuke anyways.) But no fedora choice anymore at all? Is there a boot cd/tool that I can use to read all 3 of my...

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It’s the (very) long awaited CTRL+ALT+DEL: THE ANIMATED SERIES stream! We’ve been building to this for a long time, folks - I’ve been meaning t o do this one since the retsustream started over a year ago. It finally goes down this Sunday, December 6th at 7pm central/8pm Eastern! Live at Cytube: http://cytu.be/r/HoorayRetsupurae

This is going to be a complete trainwreck, so please, don’t miss it - and don’t let your friends miss it! PLUS! As a very special bonus, after teh show I’ll be streaming myself playing Crypt Worlds, one of my favorite indie games, in the hopes of raising money for the sequel’s kickstarter! It’s an amazing fun game, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Be there!

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With the help of Ctrl-Alt-Del, you can achieve a variety of purposes on a Windows operating system based machine, most notable of which is the ability to open up the Task Manager window, which allows one to force-shut programs that are not responding.

MacBook lovers will be well aware of how the keyboard controls are quite different on their machines, and this can be a problem for someone who is using the device for the first time. Hence, the question about whether the operation of Control Alt Delete (the three finger salute) can be carried out on a MacBook arises.

The Control Alt Delete Operation
This function is often abbreviated as Ctrl-Alt-Del, and pressing it forces a soft reboot on any Windows-based machine. There are a number of Windows Security options that arise as a result, but the single biggest advantage of this operation is the Task Manager. This is a very useful operation for any computer, as it forces unresponsive programs to simply shut down....

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Yesterday at a Q&A at Harvard University, Bill Gates admitted that the keyboard command Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake. According to Gates, the reason Ctrl-Alt-Del even made it into Windows is because the designer of the original IBM keyboards felt that it was a security concern, so they created a combination of keys that no user could accidentally press. Stumbling around a bit, he finally said “And so we had … we programmed at a low level that you had to … it was a mistake.”

I don’t think Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake – and I think many Windows enthusiasts will agree with me. Ctrl-Alt-Del is a keyboard shortcut that dates back to even the earliest versions of Windows. For many users, it’s the go-to shortcut for whenever their computer freezes up and will not respond. For this very reason, it’s not a mistake – it’s part of Windows history.

In Windows 8, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del allows users to lock their computer, switch users, sign out, or access the Task Manager. I’ve...

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System Monitor shows you an overview of running applications (under the Processes tab) and allows you to end them by right-clicking on the name and selecting the respective context menu item. You can set up keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard settings (Shortcuts tab), so you can bind Ctrl+Alt+Del to gnome-system-monitor, the command to start System Monitor.

Another command you might be interested in is xkill. This is traditionally bound to Ctrl+Alt+Esc (not sure if by default) and allows you to click on a misbehaving window to close it.

Both of these might not work if your entire system hangs. If that happens, there are two things you can do. The first has to be enabled in advance when your system doesn't hang yet (you could do it right now): open Keyboard Layout settings (I believe this is merged into Keyboard in Ubuntu 12.04), then click Options. One of the options is Key sequence to kill the X server, you can click that run gsettings get...

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The counterpart to needing trustworthy channels (see Section 7.12) is assuring users that they really are working with the program or system they intended to use.

The traditional example is a “fake login” program. If a program is written to look like the login screen of a system, then it can be left running. When users try to log in, the fake login program can then capture user passwords for later use.

A solution to this problem is a “trusted path.” A trusted path is simply some mechanism that provides confidence that the user is communicating with what the user intended to communicate with, ensuring that attackers can’t intercept or modify whatever information is being communicated.

If you’re asking for a password, try to set up trusted path. Unfortunately, stock Linux distributions and many other Unixes don’t have a trusted path even for their normal login sequence. One approach is to require pressing an unforgeable key before login, e.g., Windows NT/2000...

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Hi all.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional x64 as a Parallels virtual machine on my Mac (part of my requirements to work for replacing my Windows-based laptop with a Mac). As such, I still run quite a few Windows applications because either 1) there is no Mac equivalent, or 2) the Mac equivalent sucks.

Today there was a message on my Windows VM stating:

"Your password has expired and must be changed"

I click OK, the standard password change screen comes up asking for my current password, and the new password twice.

I fill this out, it says "Changing password..." for 5 seconds or so, then comes up with an error stating:

"Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or access has been denied."

The problem is, this (virtual) machine is not a member of a domain. I personally installed the OS from DVD in the virtual machine, and at no time was it joined to the domain...

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My iPad is fully charged but won't turn on. What can I do?

You can certainly rule out that the reason it won't turn on is the charge.

Well, that is totally obvious.

Is the battery properly seated in the iPad? If it is loose, the iPad won't come on.

I don't think it is an electrical connection.

Some batteries have a memory, where it only charges up to a certain level even if less than the official definition of full. That is more likely to happen if you drain the battery all the way repeatedly.

I usually charge the battery every night.

Hold down the home and wake button at the same time. This can reboot it and get it out of suspend mode.

I've never heard of suspend mode, but worrying if it is broken has been keeping me in suspense.

If it is in suspend mode, holding down the home and sleep-wake button will activate it.

What if it doesn't wake up and boot up?

The battery may be totally drained and needs to be...

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My iPad is asking for the wrong Apple ID. What do I do?

That's a common problem if you bought a new device and changed your Apple ID to a new email address. And it can happen if you upgrade the iOS.

It keeps asking for the old ID credentials -- and you can't change the password or email address.

The problem is probably because you have the old ID associated somewhere else like iCloud. Go to iCloud and verify the email address, or delete the old account.

I don't have iCloud.

You may need to go to settings, iTunes, Apple ID and deliberately log out with your old ID. After you've logged out with the old ID, log in with the new one.

I don't think I'm still associated with the old ID.

Go to AppleId.apple.com and verify which email address is associating with your account. Your new ID might simply be listed as an alternate, not the primary.

Why does it keep remembering my old Apple ID?

All the content you bought with the...

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The waiting channel is the place in the Kernel where the task is currently waiting. A task has to wait for a Resource, which can be data or processing time. These two include network sockets, hardware, files, and so on; since most of them are just files, in Unix-like systems.

0: The process isn't waiting


poll() is a system call1 used to handle I/O. It's similar to select().2

Applications that use non-blocking I/O use these calls to see if they can read from or write to a file, withouth having to block it. They are often used for input/output streams, which may not be blocked (otherwise, perhaps your mouse would stop to move).

The waiting channel poll_schedule_timeout indicates that a task is waiting for I/O, either hardware like keyboards and mice, sound devices or even network sockets.

A function in the Kernel They are defined in . poll was an implementation first seen in System V, select is the BSD UNIX equivalent....
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Administrators have frequently been unable to work remotely on a few Windows 2003 servers due to an unresolved Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) problem.

After a server reboot, a Remote Desktop Protocol session can typically be made to each of these Windows 2003 servers. However, after an undetermined amount of time (nothing in the logs and no set time of day/week), a remote desktop session can no longer be made. When this occurs, Windows authentication through the RDP login window appears to take place. However, the result is just a blank desktop in the remote server window with no start menu or desktop icons.

Has anyone seen this, know about this, or fixed this?

Any help is apprecaited!


NOTE: These are critical DBs for the eCommerce Dept. of a Fortune 500. I CANNOT install and reboot without at least a weeks...

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