What FLOSS skype alternatives are available? [closed]


These all are SIP clients which means they all can be used to call each other and they just need a SIP address (like your mobile number). You can get a SIP address for free from many providers (Ekiga, jit.si, iptel), some of which (sip2sip.info, ippi.com, localphone.com, nonoh.net) also have PSTN gateways into the normal phone network which allows you to make and receive regular calls from/to your SIP client (for a fee). For various reasons some clients may not work with some providers (for example, for Nonoh and Iptel, Blink works but Jitsi, Ekiga, and Linphone don't).

Ekiga (available in the software center)

Here is First use documentation for ekiga .

Here is documentation on how to use the PC to Phone feature in ekiga .

Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source SoftPhone, Video Conferencing and Instant Messenger application over the Internet.

Ring (available in the software center)

Ring is free software for universal...

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Q: How to make my own Dropbox / Ubuntu One server at home?

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Does anybody know of any resources that can show me how to make my own "Dropbox, Ubuntu One" server at home?

I really like the idea of these services, but I don't want to put my 'stuff' in the clouds. Ideally, it should have a client that runs on Linux and Windows.

I tried to setup iFolder on my Ubuntu 10.04, but without any success so far.

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Answer by rick

Currently there's not a great open source alternative that's going to work out of the box. The best thing to keep an eye on is the sparkleshare project: http://www.sparkleshare.org/

Hopefully that will grow into a great, do it yourself, alternative.

Answer by henrik

There are actually lots of them.

SparkleShare (deps: git/subversion, mono, python) at...
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Dear friends,

Last two days I am trying to find alternative to skype. I started to hate it... I do not like even the idea to use it.
It is soooo closed...

So I decided to find solution for my family, friends to chat, call (audio, video) using opensource product on linux.

I have tried the following:
(using same clients and gtalk accounts on both test machines)

1. kopete 1.0.80
Firstly, I like it because it is native in opensuse KDE system.
Secondly, it has optional jungle support for gtalk, which is ok for me.
The only problem, I cannot turn on jingle support, because there should be talk.google.com server , but the right server is gmail.com.
Only with gmail.com server I can connect to my gtalk.
UPDATE: I was managed to do it right, but my friends do not have jingle settings (libjingle installed). What should we do?
Will we be able to talk when we activate it? Has anybody talked like this?

2. pidgin 2.7.10...

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If you are looking for an alternative to Skype for VoIP, video chat or video conferencing, here are some of the best options you can consider.

I have written this post keeping in mind that, not everyone uses Skype for same purpose, some people use it for connecting with their friends or family via video chat or VoIP, whereas others use it for video conferencing, etc. So, In this post, I’ve categorized Skype alternatives according to their usage. I hope it helps.

Skype Alternatives for Group Video Calls or Conferencing

You won’t be able to host a group video calls or screen sharing on Skype for free, for that you will have to sign up for premium account.

Update: Skype’s group video call is now free on Mac, Windows and Xbox One. You can read the details about the same on Skype’s official blog, Link.

Let’s check out some good alternatives,

1. Google Hangouts

With Google Hangouts, you can chat over text, video or VoIP call, you can...

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OK Skype, you’ve been with us for years.

The number one app we’d start at work along with the first cup of coffee.

But the truth is, nothing lasts forever.

As 2017 wraps up, it looks like the time has finally come to move on to faster, safer and more reliable modern tools.

Why search for Skype alternatives?

If you are searching for Skype alternatives, it’s most likely you are concerned with one of these:

You are tired of the excessive adsIts speed doesn’t satisfy your needsYou keep receiving spam from hacked accountsYour account might’ve as well been hackedThe latest radical redesign got your puzzled

How often people searched for Skype 2004-2017

The Google trend for “Skype” keyword searches goes down mercilessly.

However, this pioneer communication app is far from its sunset.

In fact, Microsoft has a huge bet around it.

Here’s the proof – they’ve completely rebranded Lync, one of their major corporate tools, into...

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Recently due to all the "NSA is dropping eaves everywhere" ruckus I came across a reddit or Ycombinator post that mentioned a free, secure, open-source alternative to skype called Tox (http://tox.im/). From their website, they say that "Tox is built on a 'privacy goes first' agenda" so this is good. It's open source too.

Update: I installed Tox, install is pretty smooth, an it's pretty easy to use. The only drawback is it's still on "alpha" so not a lot (if any) of your contacts will be on tox, they have to install it. You have share Tox IDs in order to communicate, but it seems to work quite well. It has a "hacker" type of feel to it right now, but they really made it quite simple to use. You can IM, make calls or "videochat" with your other contacts. Their website has binaries/installers for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Since it's open source -- you can see the source code at https://github.com/irungentoo/ProjectTox-Core And also join their IRC channel for...

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When Skype launched on 29 August 2003, it is fair to say that it was one of the most important moments in the history of communication. As hyperbolic as it may seem to equate the launch of Skype with the invention of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg in 1450; the first long distance phone call made in 1884 or the first mobile phone call made in 1973, there is no question that Skype revolutionised the way the world was connected and heralded an era where geographical distance no longer meant being unable to see and talk to your friends and family.

Unsurprisingly Skype was a huge success and since it was launched it has grown quickly and according to the latest figures from Microsoft — which bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 — there are 300 million people around the world actively using the service every month, and while other services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (which both offer similar services) have grown bigger in terms of user numbers, Skype is...

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All sarcastic comments aside I found a sure fire method to protect one's IP from Resolvers


The link above gives a step by step way to achieve safety and security for one's IP through Skype

It is also worth noting that it doesn't seem to be required that you request a new IP from your ISP as for me at least I was able to simply use a VPN and it worked just as well although this may not be the case for everyone

You could also create a fake Facebook account and simply use that to connect to Skype instead as it seems that Resolvers are unable to determine the IP of Skype accounts that are connect from Facebook as opposed to registered with a unique username

Hopefully one of these methods work for you and if not then I would advise using another communication program such as...

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It is pretty much acknowledged by now that Skype is evil. Maybe not as evil as a DRM on a brand new game, but very close. To summarize the events, Skype has been bought by Microsoft, has been spied on by the NSA, is now quitting its peer-to-peer protocol for a centralized system, and on top of that, is proprietary software. The worst of it is that just like a DRM on a game, we put up with all of this for the product. It is true that Skype at first did help users go into the VoIP realm. Its interface is intuitive, and its setup is simple. However, it is time to move on. For this, here is a list of six software to replace Skype with on Linux.

1. Blink

Presented as a "state-of-the-art, easy to use SIP client," Blink is distributed under GPL license with a free version for Linux and Windows, and an optional pro version for Mac OS. All the basic features are present: instant messaging, video calls, file transfer, conferences, and screen sharing. It's written in...

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If you rely heavily on SkypeGet Pricing, you probably remember where you were when it went down for 36 hours a few weeks back: up a creek.

Skype fell victim to an unrecognized problem it faced from Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday,” and Skype claims it has fixed this vulnerability. But the fix came too late for thousands if not millions of users, especially those who paid SkypeGet Pricing for expanded services and relied on it for business.

Those who thought ahead had a backup plan in place, while others had to find alternatives quickly. Even with dozens of VoIP services to choose from, traffic for a handful — like Gizmo Project and GrandCentral — went through the roof.

So if you were caught flat-footed by Skype’s day off or want to find a secondary service in case your primary service also goes down — hey, it could happen — take a quick look at some of the most prominent and/or innovative Skype competitors.

Remember, it pays to get the sign-up process out of...

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I use skype but don't like it. The compromised Chinese version is still out there after the infamous tomskype incident happened many years ago. Looks to me the company doesn't give a **** about it. You can never get to skype.com if your ip address is within China, you are automatically directed to tomskype.com or whatsoever. I had to send an skype installation file to my parents in China, but a friend of mine who's in Korea now using an Iphone bought in China said she could only find tomskype in appstore.

This company is not trustable at all IMO.

I'm looking for alternative too but google voice is not available to everyone yet. And it seems google doesn't have it on priority.

Click to...

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If you’re looking for an other software better suited for the business needs I think Skype for Business might interest you. If you don’t know the difference between Skype for business and Skype you can find some valuable informations in this article.

Skype for business add some key features to fulfill the desire of the enterprises. If you’re are not convinced about it maybe this analysis will change your mind.

However if you really want to ditch Skype and switch to another communication tool you can find exactly what you want in this article: See you Skype: 8 Alternatives that are Worth the Hype.

Personally I would recommend Aircall which is a phone system for support and sales team that is suited for the needs of a small business. It will help your business to improve its relationships with its customers by using local phone numbers in 30 countries.Your team will receive phone calls on their own PC.The software enables its users to save time on...

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It's not easy getting your head around what you need to take. Deep down you know over packing is a terrible idea, but when you have no idea of what may await you it is easy to be scarred into packing for as many possibilities as you and an over-active imagination can fathom. Let's be frank, there's a lot of crap written on travel packing and a lot of scare mongering often featuring on travel sites/blogs, many of which are aimed at mid-range travellers on city or beach trips, or featured in travelogues as examples of 'I took this' or 'am taking this' whether or not it is was useful/necessary. Anyone who has travelled before will feel nothing but disdain at short, ambiguous packing lists in travel magazines, guidebooks and charlatan websites.

Nonetheless it is not easy putting together a list of items to recommend to take. We are all different, with varying needs and destinations. However, it is amazing at just how similar needs are and that probably 95%...

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Flight Butler—flight attendant app for smart wearables
Onboard supplier:

FTS Technologies


Flight Butler is a software application developed to increase onboard efficiency for cabin crew and drive best in class customer service. This airline-branded application can be installed on any Android-based smart watch providing an airline the flexibility to lower their costs of investment. As a software application, an airline simply downloads the Flight Butler app to the smart watch(es), pairs them with FTS Cabin Wireless Solution onboard, and multiple customisable services are ready to go on the wrist of the cabin crew.


The vision of Flight Butler is to improve efficiency, drive loyalty, and deliver personalised customer service by the cabin crew. Capabilities include: Profiles of Premium PAX: passenger manifest can be uploaded to the system and cabin crew will have easy access to PAX details any time. PAX call/ service order: cabin...

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