What's the meaning of version numbering of Ubuntu?


The Meaning of “Ubuntu” – Explained by Nelson Mandela June 1, 2006

I have often wondered what the best way to explain the meaning, or the feeling sought to be conveyed by the word “Ubuntu”. No, it is not a word in my native tongue, and so it is all the more intriguing to see how closely that word fits the concepts around the Ubuntu OS. What better way to understand what it means that to hear it from Nelson Mandela, one of South Africa’s most famous sons?

I found the following YouTube video (thanks to this German Blog) which shows Nelson Mandela explaining what Ubuntu means:

I would like to pat Mark, and everyone else involved in naming the Ubuntu OS, on their backs, and thank them for choosing such a wonderful name.


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[Summary]What does "Ubuntu" mean? What does "Ubuntu" mean, and why did they choose that particular name? The Meaning of Ubuntu Desmond Tutu on Ubuntu "One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu - the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks


What does "Ubuntu" mean?

What does "Ubuntu" mean, and why did they choose that particular name?

The Meaning of Ubuntu

Desmond Tutu on Ubuntu

"One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu - the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can't be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality - Ubuntu - you are known for your generosity."


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As the original poster said, it's a Bantu word which can be found throughout most of Africa. Even though there are many languages on the continent, most are from the Bantu language tree. Kind of like how French, Spanish, Italian, and others are all Romanic languages.

In some, the meaning of Ubuntu is more literal than others, but I've never heard a definition that didn't mean something good, like humaneness, or freedom.

When I was in Dar Es Salaam, the buses routes that went downtown had Ubuntu on them. It was expained to me that Ubuntu implied the core, or head, or heart. More abstractly the central essence.

I recently read a story about Linuxcafe (http://www.linuxcaffe.ca/) here in Toronto. They had a sign on their building that said Ubuntu4u, and a Rwandan woman came in and informed them that in her language that meant 'free for you'. Of course they gave her a free Ubuntu cd.

I would much prefer that Bishop Tutu's definition be used for this distro....

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There are couple of ways to check which version of Ubuntu you are running. Also which version of Linux kernel and is it 32 bit or 64 bit. Also I will give you couple of more terminal commands that will print some useful system info. Most of those commands can be used on other distribution as well.


Check Ubuntu version from GUI

Here are the steps to achieve the task:
1. Click on Settings menu either from top right menu or from button in left bar.
2. This will open System Settings dialog window.
3. Click on Details icon which is in the System category. Look into screen shot for more details.
4. This will open System Version Dialog where you can see which version of Ubuntu are you running. Also you will be able to see processor, RAM, HDD and whatever you run 32 or 64 bit version of Ubuntu.


Check Ubuntu version from terminal

Unity in Ubuntu doesn’t render a true version number,...

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Below is a selection of common questions with answers that may help you if you are new to Ubuntu. Choose a topic from the table of contents or search this page by pressing Ctrl+F in your browser and entering a search term.

Ubuntu and Debian?

What is the relationship between Ubuntu and Debian?

Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntu-and-debian, and consider reading some of the Mark Shuttleworth wiki page for more information.


What is Canonical?

Canonical is a private company founded by Mark Shuttleworth for the promotion of Ubuntu and other free software projects. See also http://www.canonical.com/

Recognized Flavors

Which Ubuntu based distributions are supported by the Ubuntu community?

The following projects are recognized for their immense contributions to the Ubuntu community. See also the official derivatives page.



Kubuntu uses the...

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Ubuntu release cycle is once in 6 months and Long Term Support (LTS) release is once in 2 years. Ubuntu follows version number in the format of YY.MM (i.e.: Year.Month). Here are two ways to find the your Ubuntu installation’s version number.

The Ubuntu version number is stored in two files in /etc path. Once is /etc/issue and another one is /etc/lsb-release. You can just print these files to get the version number. I have shown here my Ubuntu 10.04 version.

Method 1:

$ cat /etc/issue

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS \n \l

Method 2:

$ cat /etc/lsb-release





Update: Many readers have pointed out other alternative ways to get the version number. I have added these for completeness.

Method 3:

$ lsb_release -d

Description: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

GUI way of doing it

Method 4: (it loads very...

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