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Hi guys, The title of this post can be misleading but basically the challenge I would like us to solve is pretty simple. There are situations where a guest OS on vitualbox will need to have Internet connection which is by default through the NAT inte
Advertisement You need to run another operating system on your Linux PC. But should you dual boot 7 Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Dual Boot Linux , or use a virtual machine? And if you choose the second option, which virtual machine software
Seems the same question's already been asked on SuperUser - Where can I find Ubuntu Desktop releases on a vmdk The following is the accepted answer: I have not found any official ubuntu website distributing vmdk's. According to http://www. vmware
Trying out a new design for your site/blog, But the problem of cross browser compatibility always comes. You can check out services like Browsershots, which shows screenshots of the webiste/blog in various web browsers in different Operating Systems.
1. Install Extension PackUSB 1. 0 is supported in the version installed from the Ubuntu repositories (from VirtualBox > 4
ok i had the same problem, it turned out for me that it was a startup script i was running. the init. d directory as you know is just a place to hold all the startup scripts, rc0
This article shows you step by step how to virtualize an existing Linux partition. Here a physical system installed on a USB stick is converted to a virtual machine. Create the Virtual Disk Image (VDI) Open your terminal and run the dd tool to firtst