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Advertisement You need to run another operating system on your Linux PC. But should you dual boot 7 Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Dual Boot Linux , or use a virtual machine? And if you choose the second option, which virtual machine software
Seems the same question's already been asked on SuperUser - Where can I find Ubuntu Desktop releases on a vmdk The following is the accepted answer: I have not found any official ubuntu website distributing vmdk's. According to http://www. vmware
Trying out a new design for your site/blog, But the problem of cross browser compatibility always comes. You can check out services like Browsershots, which shows screenshots of the webiste/blog in various web browsers in different Operating Systems.
1. Install Extension PackUSB 1. 0 is supported in the version installed from the Ubuntu repositories (from VirtualBox > 4
ok i had the same problem, it turned out for me that it was a startup script i was running. the init. d directory as you know is just a place to hold all the startup scripts, rc0
This article shows you step by step how to virtualize an existing Linux partition. Here a physical system installed on a USB stick is converted to a virtual machine. Create the Virtual Disk Image (VDI) Open your terminal and run the dd tool to firtst