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Correct way to check Java version from BASH scriptlocation: linuxexchange. com - date: December 31, 1969How can I check whether Java is available (in the PATH or via JAVA_HOME) from a bash script and make sure the version is at least 1. 5? How to che
You can use apt-get to install a specific version of the package a long as it is in an archive that apt knows about. From the apt-get manpage: A specific version of a package can be selected for installation by following the package name with an equa
Want to go back and use older versions of Firefox or downgrade to something you love? This brief tutorial will show you how to install your favorite past versions in Ubuntu 12. 04. From Firefox 2
keyboard: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration system language: # Debian --> https://wiki. debian. org/ChangeLanguage dpkg-reconfigure locales # Ubuntu --> https://help