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Angel's answer is good, but the actual commands weren't so easy for me. This is what worked : Plug in the card (mine is an SD card with a manual write-protect switch on it, but the switch is off and it is writable on a Windows machine). Ubuntu mounte
Not a COM32R image boot is a message that the console infinitely keeps spitting out when I try to install Ubuntu 10. 04 from a USB. I created the USB using the StartupDiskCreator in 11
This is a bug. It happens when you create a bootable USB stick with an older version of Ubuntu than the version being installed on the USB stick. Although the answer selected by the person who asked the question works to get around the issue it does
NTFS-3G is quite slow (yay, undocumented file systems), although it shouldn't be that slow. The USB 3. 0 port itself is detected, not sure if the hard drive is detected as supporting USB 3
1. Install Extension PackUSB 1. 0 is supported in the version installed from the Ubuntu repositories (from VirtualBox > 4
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Trying to format a large external USB or Firewire hard drive to the FAT32 file system? Can’t do it? Only see an option for formatting the drive using the NTFS file format? Well if you answered yes any of those questions, then you’re at the right plac
Creating installation media for your operating system of choice used to be simple. Just download an ISO and burn it to CD or DVD. Now we’re using USB drives, and the process is a little different for each operating system