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Now, an upgrade from Ubuntu 12. 10 Quantal Quetzal to Ubuntu 13. 04 Raring Ringtail is possible, but it is not recommended because the new Ubuntu 13
Your error message contains this line: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 However, this installed post-installation script is not mentioned by name. After much tinkering, I found out that its name is (in my cas
On the basis the original question asked about the latest version of Maven this PPA provides a backport from wily to trusty for Maven 3. 3. 9 https://launchpad
When I run sudo do-release-upgrade over ssh, I get the following message. This session appears to be running under ssh. It is not recommended to perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it is harder to recover
Ubuntu Linux version 14. 04 LTS has been released. How do I upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu 14
Comments and links about LTS systemsIt can be difficult and confusing to select the version of Ubuntu both for the first installation and for upgrading to a new released version. This answer will focus on how to find the version with the longest rema
/should-i-upgrade-to-the-mainline-kernels 06/03/2017 · Step 2: Upgrading Kernel in Ubuntu. To upgrade the kernel in Ubuntu, go to http://kernel. ubuntu
Ubuntu 15. 04 beta 1 has been released closely following the Ubuntu 15. 04 release schedule
I am running sudo update-manager -d and start the upgrade process. I select upgrade option and when then manager enters Setting new software channels it throws an error. Could not calculate the upgrade An unresolvable problem occurred while calculati
IMPORTANT UPDATE - I have posted an updated set of steps for working around package load failures. Please read that blog post instead of this post because it contains additional information not listed here. I do not want to take this post down becaus