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I’m fairly excited for Unity, as it looks like a promising new direction for Ubuntu. However, I do have a concern – will it be possible to use Unity without the global menu? I have my window manager set to focus-follows-mouse/sloppy focus, and find t
Answer #: 1 13. 04 and later (GUI) Follow-on-focus settings can be set using the unity-tweak-tool 12. 10 and later (command line) The following controls follow-on focus gsettings set org
Answer #: 1 Click and hold the application’s launcher icon, and then drag it up or down. Answer #: 2 How to rearrange icons in Unity Launcher? Just drag the icon out of the Launcher. And then just drop it back in the Launcher anywhere you want
Answer #: 1 Method 1: Using Activity Log Manager Ubuntu Precise 12. 04 In Ubuntu Precise Activity Log Manager 0. 9 is included by default
Example with menu items for Dreamweaver and Photoshop. 1. Create custom
Answer #: 1 Having date and time gone on Ubuntu 13. 10 beta, after next reboot, this command solves the problem: killall unity-panel-service Answer #: 2 Click the Ubuntu logo in the top-left. Search for and open “Time and Date”
I’ve been lucky to focus the past years on Unity and C#. Much of my demos, full-games, and tutorial are here RivelloMultimediaConsulting. com/unity/
Answer #: 1 Workspaces are by default disabled on a new install of Ubuntu v13. 04. You can toggle workspaces on/off as well as defining the number of workspaces through unity-tweak-tool The number of workspaces can be safely set without using CCSM th
By mickyhale I know that there are similar questions regarding what I’m about to ask, but I have tried several suggestions in an attempt to fix my problem, to no avail. My desktop background is blank and I need to know how to reset my Unity configura
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