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We have reviewed both Google Books Lens and Gwibber Lens for the Ubuntu Unity launcher. This time we have the Unity Lens for AskUbuntu, which can help you quickly search and find answers to Ubuntu issues rather than having to endlessly search the int
Building Unity from SourceIn this guide you will build a separated version of Unity trunk (locally installed to your home directory), so you don't need to worry about corrupting the version from the Ubuntu repositories and you also won't need to get
For 12. 10Unity patch team at work!We have created a script that lets you enable/disable show-desktop icon. If you dont want to install a separate tool, grab our script and run it
It is strange that LightDM (Ubuntu 11. 10's display manager, which provides the graphical login screen) is not remembering your selection across reboots. You can manually edit the relevant configuration file, which is called
For Ubuntu 11. 10 & Ubuntu2DEdit the file /usr/share/unity-2d/launcher/Launcher. qml with your favorite text editor, ie: sudo nano /usr/share/unity-2d/launcher/Launcher
unity-2d has some of its own processes and some processes that derive from unity (unity-2d uses unity libraries). You can find these processes with: ps aux | grep unity This yields these (see the right-most tokens in the above command output): unity-
Question:I'd like to know which folder the Unity Launcher . desktop files are stored in, as they're not anymore in /. gconf/desktop and I need to add a custom application to the launcher bar (adding it in /usr/share/applications doesn't seem to be en
Not really. Sure a keyboard may be able to utilize the windows operating system through hotkeys and other such key presses but in this world, it is next to impossible to easily use a computer without a mouse. If it were you'd be seeing ultra slim and