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I just installed Oneiric Ocelot, and I can't figure out how to add an application, which is stored in my home directory, to the dash. I can create a launcher, but I want it in the dash also. One way I use is to add an entry in the menu's with alacart
How can I hide recent files that my Ubuntu Netbook's unity menu shows when I click on the files and folder icon? Okay ! I watch porn sometimes and right after that it appears in the files and folder menu. And believe me, that is not a good thing. :D
Is there any way to remove or configure the following Unity keyboard shortcuts? I want to make use of these keyboard shortcuts, but I have no use for what they're currently assigned to. Super+M (Music Search) Super+A (Application Search) Super+C (Pic
How do I disable the tracking and display of recently opened files (and whatever else is remembered) in a default installation of Ubuntu? (This question originally concerned 11. 10, but now that I'm on 12. 04, that's the answer I've selected
Here's the chain of events: The Ubuntu Linux kernel and upstartThe kernel starts the init process as process number 1. This is upstart for Ubuntu 12. 04
Use IDE to create launcher. Open Tools -> Create Desktop Entry.
For Ubuntu 12. 04 Commands can be executed to terminal. You can open a terminal with Ctrl + Alt+T keys combo
For Ubuntu 11. 10The first thing you would need to do is take a . png icon file that you would like to use and copy it to the respective ~/
Question:I'd like to know which folder the Unity Launcher . desktop files are stored in, as they're not anymore in /. gconf/desktop and I need to add a custom application to the launcher bar (adding it in /usr/share/applications doesn't seem to be en
I'd like to make a theme from scratch for Unity. What knowledge and information/skills are needed? Are there any tools or templates out there for something like this already? I don't have any Python experience so tools biased towards beginners are pr