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Hi, yesterday I was tweaking the settings to enable more than four workspaces. I managed, but today when I switched on the computer, the Unity sidebar was missing (and also the top bar). I think it might be connected to the way I was first trying to
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In this tip we will see how to change the desktop background image (wallpaper) from the command line under Ubuntu or any other system having the GNOME desktop environment. Some users may ask the question of the benefit of using such tip as long we ca
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Relevant reading: What is the relationship between Unity, Gnome, Gnome 3, Compiz, Metacity, and LightDM? What kinds of desktop environments and shells are available? When installing packages (particularly those with graphical UIs) how do you determine which is fitting for your distribution? What is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu 13
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Nux is a OpenGL based widget toolkit and canvas used to create user interfaces, similar to GTK+. At a high level, nux is broken down into 3 libraries. NuxCore is responsible for basic things like a type system, math functions, color definitions, etc
For Unity You can search for the application you like to create a desktop shortcut for in the dash and drag it to the desktop. It is best done when your dash is not fully maximized and there are no maximized windows in the background as well. For Uni
Just as a follow up to this thread for the benefit of anyone else who might come across it in the future:1. Creating the launcher for "compiz --replace" DOES re-enable Compiz within Unity 2D, but it does not activate the 3D version. So while I'm stuc