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Unity-3D and Unity-2D are visually very similar. Unity 3D Unity 2D However, the underlying technology used to configure are very different. Unity 3D uses a compiz plugin and you can use ccsm to configure
I read that there is now a 2D version of Unity built on Qt. How do I install it, and once it's installed, how do I switch to it? For 11. 10, 12
It is strange that LightDM (Ubuntu 11. 10's display manager, which provides the graphical login screen) is not remembering your selection across reboots. You can manually edit the relevant configuration file, which is called
Question:I'd like to know which folder the Unity Launcher . desktop files are stored in, as they're not anymore in /. gconf/desktop and I need to add a custom application to the launcher bar (adding it in /usr/share/applications doesn't seem to be en
Answer #: 1 Note: As of Ubuntu 12. 10, Unity 2D is no longer developed and all systems use Unity 3D (with LLVMpipe for systems without hardware acceleration). The easiest way I have found is to look at the launcher: Subtlety in the design of the of t
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