Tips to extend battery life for laptops and notebooks



Use the power management settings on your computer that come built in. On Windows XP, click "Power Options" in your control panel. On a Mac, look for "Energy Saver" in System Preferences.


Switch off the wireless card if you do not plan to access your network or Internet connection. For Mac laptops, there is a button for powering on and off your wireless device is found on the toolbar at top.


Disable Bluetooth. If you don't use this feature, you can safely disable it to avoid draining your laptop battery.


Shut down or hibernate the laptop rather than using standby, if you plan on not using it for a while. Standby continues to drain energy to keep your laptop ready to go when you open the cover.


Turn off unused ports. Disabling unused ports and components, such as VGA, Ethernet, PCMCIA, USB, and yes, your wireless, too. You can do this through the Device Manager or by configuring a separate...

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Ah, the laptop computer — the ultimate platform for digital enjoyment. Laptops enable you to connect, play and work wherever and whenever you want. But if you lose battery power and can't plug in on the go, your laptop is no better than an oversized coaster.

Laptop technologies have really come a long way.

With advances in processor architecture and mobile-optimized technologies and software, you can experience a near-desktop experience for playing games, listening to and downloading music, and surfing the Internet — all without being leashed to the nearest outlet.

OK, you've come a long way. Now come just a little further.

But even with these built-in, mobile-optimized technologies, you may still have to plug in before you’re ready. To squeeze every last drop of power out of your laptop battery, follow these tips and tricks and you'll stay mobile longer:

1. Charge the battery! Consider keeping it plugged in for 12 hours before you...

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It happens all the time. You’re low on battery. Maybe you’re halfway through a five-hour plane ride. Maybe you forgot the charger in the office… six hours ago. The point is, you need to work some battery magic.

These days, laptops have improved microprocessors, sharper graphics, and beefier storage. They’re also more efficient than ever. There are plenty of strategies to enhance your battery life, even if you don’t have a solid state drive.

Here’s what to do when you need to save power on the fly. We’ll also key into some long-term ways to condition your laptop into that power sipping machine you’re always wanted.

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Tips and tricks to optimize battery life in a pinch

1. Enable power saver mode

Just about every laptop has some kind of power saving mode. Enabling power saving mode will automatically improve your computer’s battery efficiency with small adjustments such as dimming your...

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Mac OS X Lion was designed to save time with its Mission Control view, iOS-like Launchpad and ability to run several apps at full screen. Apple put a lot of thought into how the hardware and software work together to maximize user productivity and minimize extra work. With these battery-saving tips, you won't have to worry as much about your Mac running out of juice when you need it most.

1. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Disabling your notebook’s wireless radios is one surefire way to eke out more juice. While turning off Wi-Fi may not be practical in every situation—especially if you need to access the Internet often—it will give you more endurance if you’re using your laptop to watch a movie on an airplane.

To turn Bluetooth off:

Click the Bluetooth icon in the upper right-hand corner of the desktop. Select Turn Bluetooth Off. The icon should now be grayed out.


Select System Preferences > Bluetooth. Uncheck the...
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Keep Your Battery Going with Anti-aging Battery Technology

Anti-aging Battery Technology is a technology offered on Samsung notebooks designed to let you discharge and recharge your laptop battery up to 1,500 times. That’s better than three times the longevity of a standard laptop battery, which typically wears out after 300 cycles and three years of daily use.

Most battery damage occurs when the cells inside are at or near capacity. That’s because batteries get a bit hot under the collar when they max out their charge at 100 percent. This heat causes the delicate structures within to start to break down, which ultimately makes the battery less capable of holding a charge. Eventually capacity drops to the point where the battery won’t hold a charge at all and it has to be replaced.

Anti-aging Battery Technology works to avoid this problem by keeping your battery properly conditioned, thanks to a set of technologies that helps prevent this kind of damage to...

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Don’t you just hate it when you are about to dump your Notebook or Laptop just because it’s no longer in working condition. Reason could be anything, starting from hardware to software. In last few years laptop prices have dropped considerably but they’re still a expensive pieces of equipment which might cost you anywhere in between $600 to $3000.

Years ago, it was virtually impossible to replace a laptop’s hardware and you are forced to buy a new machine. However, in recent time we had revolutionary achievements in respective field which provide us options to reconsider our old machines. Here in this Article, we’ll look at some fine tips by which you can significantly extend the life of your laptop.

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Notebooks tend to lose their charm quickly when you find yourself searching for a power terminal once in every couple of hours to help your dieing battery that is plunging towards the red zone! How do you keep your laptop/notebook battery going for as long as possible? Here are 15 easy tips to do so. Read them now. You’ll thank yourself later.

1. Sleeping Rejuvenates your Body, and your Laptop Battery Too
Use your laptop’s power management features (in Windows XP, under Power Options in the Control Panel; or in Vista, under Mobile PC in the Control Panel) sensibly. The system will run at lower processor speeds when enabling power management features and it will go into “sleep” mode faster when inactive. And if you can spare the extra time it takes for the machine to resume, make sure that you set your laptop to hibernate, not just sleep, when you close the lid.

2. All that Glitters are Not Always Gold
Unless you are still using the laptop that your dad...

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Notebooks tend to lose their charm quickly when you find yourself searching for a power terminal once in every couple of hours to help your dieing laptop battery that is plunging towards the red zone! How do you keep your laptop/notebook battery going for as long as possible? Here are 15 easy tips to do so. Read them now. You’ll thank yourself later.

1. Sleeping Rejuvenates your Body, and your Laptop Battery Too

Use your laptop’s power management features (in Windows XP, under Power Options in the Control Panel; or in Vista, under Mobile PC in the Control Panel) sensibly. The system will run at lower processor speeds when enabling power management features and it will go into “sleep” mode faster when inactive. And if you can spare the extra time it takes for the machine to resume, make sure that you set your laptop to hibernate, not just sleep, when you close the lid.

2. All that Glitters are Not Always Gold

Unless you are still using the laptop that...

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What's the most important aspect of a notebook PC? Touch typists might pick the keyboard, in their never-ending search for desktop-class travel and tactile feedback. Multimedia buffs like big, colorful displays and symphonic speakers. Hard-core gamers value raw performance, measured in fast frame rates, above all.

But for most of us, the best thing about a portable PC is its portability—the time it can spend away from an electric outlet. That's why, big or small, the most desirable laptops are the laptops with the best battery life. This guide will clue you in to notebook battery technology, capacity, and smart usage, and link to reviews of 10 overachievers in Computer Shopper's tests.

The goal for laptop manufacturers and buyers alike is all-day battery life, defined not as 24 hours but as lasting through an eight-hour workday or longer. We don't count systems that can reach that mark by swapping batteries—removing a spent one and snapping a spare into place—though...

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This guest post is by Chris Adams who is a technology consultant, specializing primarily in portable computer systems and wireless communication technologies. He currently provides consulting for notebooks, prepaid 4G cards and Wi-Fi communication systems.

It’s always frustrating to run out of battery power when you need it the most. Laptop computers are infamous for their short battery lifespans and can quickly lose their charm when you’re constantly looking for a power outlet to recharge.

Below we’ve put together some instructions that will help you make the most of your notebook battery lifespan. So if you’re going on a long trip or just to your local coffee shop, make sure that you apply these methods in order to make the most of your battery life.

Disable Unnecessary Power Consumption

These next few tips may seem obvious; however you’ll be surprised how much battery life you can save if you put them into practice. You may have many unused hardware...

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Nowadays, laptops are being used by a majority of people in the working class. These portable computers can be taken wherever we go and used as per our needs. However, even if it is a laptop computer, it has its own share of problems. And one of the most worrisome problems that bothers users is short battery life. Though laptop manufacturers and brands claim to have long life laptop batteries in their models, they sometimes do not live up to expectations.

Tips to Get the Best Laptop Battery Life

Stop Using or Uninstall Unnecessary Programs
There are many unnoticeable applications running in the background, which eat up a lot of computer memory, as well as battery power. For best efficiency, it is recommended that you stop the running of such programs. It is also suggested that you uninstall programs which you do not or rarely use. Doing so will keep the power usage to a minimum.

Adjust Screen Brightness
If the laptop computer's screen brightness is...

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Laptops have an advantage over smaller electronics when it comes to the battery. They have more room to put a power source in a laptop than phones or portable media players.

But as applications become increasingly demanding and your work requires more and more mobility, it's very possible that your laptop battery still isn't up to snuff.

Try these tips to prolong your battery life. Can you make it through the work day on a single charge?

Keep your laptop battery cool. Battery power saps more quickly when the battery is hot. Keep vents clear and don’t put your laptop on a pillow or other surface that will cover vents and trap heat. Don’t keep your laptop plugged in. If you rarely unplug your laptop, you’re leaving it in a state of perpetual charge at 100 percent. That's bad for the battery’s long-term health. Unplug it on occasion and let the battery drain. Put your computer to sleep when not in use. If you're taking a break, let your computer take one as...
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I've been able to more than double the battery life of my netbook by turning off a bunch of services I don't need, and unloading their kernel drivers.

Use service --status-all to see what's running on your system, and service stop to shut it down.

Use lsmod to see what kernel modules are loaded, and rmmod to unload it.

If/when you want to bring things back, easiest way is to simply reboot.

Sometimes you also need to kill daemons or programs that are using the service or driver before they can be turned off. Look at output from ps aux to see what's running, and kill -9 to terminate them.

Services I usually turn off include: Ubuntu One, ssh, apache, databases, avahi, pulseaudio, cups, apparmor, acpi-daemon, bluetooth. Modules I unload: The whole audio stack, usb_storage, webcam drivers, wireless, bluetooth. (Some services like audio don't die easily.)

I've even gone as far as shutting down x (service gdm stop) and working entirely just from...

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It’s no secret that as the usage of a laptop increases, its battery life diminishes. While there has been some development in the type of batteries, battery life is something which users continue to complain about.

Obviously, the type of operating system has a lot to do with the battery performance. The newer operating systems, like Windows 7 are rich in graphics and hence consume more battery.

This article talks about some useful tips and techniques to extend your Windows laptop’s battery life. Mind you, it does mean doing away with certain nice appearance related features. But if you are a performance freak, it shouldn’t bother you.

The tips are written with Windows Vista/7 in mind but most of them are general techniques and should work in all kinds of laptops.

1. Decrease the screen brightness

More the screen brightness, more the battery consumed by your laptop. To decrease it, click on the battery icon on the system tray and select “More...

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Many of us use Laptops or Notebooks for tons of hours to our work, to play Games and to Browse Internet. Unfortunately, when the battery runs out of power, you have to search for the power outlet to finish your job. Every laptop user wants to maximize the battery usage time between battery recharges. Although you can’t prevent your laptop’s battery from degrading, but there are several ways to slow down the process and Extend the Laptop Battery Life.

There are several things you can do to make your laptop’s battery last as long as possible

The lifespan of a laptop battery depends on a number of factors and is hard to predict. All rechargeable batteries wear out with time and usage. As time and cumulative use increase, the performance will degrade. For the typical user, noticeable reduction in run time generally will be observed after 18 to 24 months. For a power user, reduction in run time generally may be experienced prior to 18 months.

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We've all been there. You're in a meeting, or on the road, or in a classroom, and you find, to your horror, that your laptop is nearly dead. Maybe you forgot your power adapter, maybe there isn't an available outlet. For whatever reason, your battery power is dwindling, and you still have stuff to get done. Hope is not lost, however. There are some things you can do to buy more time on that almost-dead battery so you can meet a deadline or respond to an important email before it's too late.

Some of these techniques are for when you need to stretch your battery at that very moment, while others are preventative measures, best implemented before your battery life comes up short. There is some of overlap between the short- and long-term strategies we'll outline below, but even when the actions are the same, the reasons behind it may be different.

Short-Term Battery-Stretching Strategies
If you're in a tough spot right now, there are things you can do to extend the...

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General Performance Tips

Update to the latest software.

Apple software updates often include advanced energy-saving technologies, so always make sure your device is using the latest version of iOS, OS X, or watchOS.

Avoid extreme ambient temperatures.

Your device is designed to perform well in a wide range of ambient temperatures, with 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C) as the ideal comfort zone. It’s especially important to avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 95° F (35° C), which can permanently damage battery capacity. That is, your battery won’t power your device as long on a given charge. Charging the device in high ambient temperatures can damage it further. Even storing a battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly. When using your device in a very cold environment, you may notice a decrease in battery life, but this condition is temporary. Once the battery’s temperature returns to its normal operating range,...

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Most laptops don’t last too long once you unplug them from the mains. Some don’t even have removable batteries, so swapping the empty one out for a fully charged spare isn’t an option.

Here, we share our top tips for squeezing those extra minutes out of your battery. A lot of the tips are similar to those for improving smartphone battery life and no wonder: at their hearts, laptops and smartphones use a lot of the same technologies.

Whether you own a Windows laptop or are running a different operating system, follow these general tips and your laptop will last longer between charges.

1. Dim the screen

By far the biggest power drain on most laptops is the screen. Or, to be more specific, the screen’s backlight. This is what enables you to see the colours on an LCD screen, and some laptops have power-sapping fluorescent backlights. More modern notebooks have LED backlights, but even these use a fair amount of juice.

Simply reducing the screen...

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Microsoft introduced new features in Windows 10 to help users get better battery life from the operating system. If you are facing battery troubles after upgrading to Windows 10, following are some tips and new features that would help you significantly improve Windows 10 battery life.

Software plays a very important role in optimizing a machine for longer battery life. Windows 10 introduces some new features that aim to help the user improve battery life. This is further added by a few tips that you should follow regardless of what machine or OS you are on to extend battery life.

Important: You might be seeing the battery icon in the task bar being stuck at 9% (or 12%, etc) even when your device is plugged and charging. Restart your Windows 10 PC to get rid of this “alarming” sign.

1- Use Windows 10 Battery Saver:

Battery Saver is a new feature included in the Windows 10 Settings app that helps you optimize battery life on Windows 10 powered...

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Discover what causes Li-ion to age and what the battery user can do to prolong its life.

Battery research is focusing on lithium chemistries so much that one could imagine that the battery future lies solely in lithium. There are good reasons to be optimistic as lithium-ion is, in many ways, superior to other chemistries. Applications are growing and are encroaching into markets that previously were solidly held by lead acid, such as standby and load leveling. Many satellites are also powered by Li-ion.

Lithium-ion has not yet fully matured and is still improving. Notable advancements have been made in longevity and safety while the capacity is increasing incrementally. Today, Li-ion meets the expectations of most consumer devices but applications for the EV need further development before this power source will become the accepted norm.

What Causes Lithium-ion to Age?

The lithium-ion battery works on ion movement between the positive and...

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Esc This function mutes the sound from your speakers – on/off button. F1 Use this to lock your computer so it can only be used after you reactivate it with your password. F2 This displays power saver options, enabling you to reduce screen brightness or switch off your optical drive to extend battery life. F3 Activates a low power mode called Instant Standby. In this mode, your notebook remains on, but all the main components are put into a sleep state. The only thing active is the memory so that you can resume work quickly. In Instant Standby, the battery will last approximately 30 hours. F4 This activates a mode called Hibernation. In this mode, your notebook's battery can last up to 26 days. Yet you can still restart relatively quickly all of the contents of your RAM are copied to the hard drive, so you can restart your previous session without interruption. F5 The display/presentation button. This lets you cycle through your display options and...
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