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On a vagrant box precise64 (ubuntu 12. 04) While creating a user resource with Chef, the home directory is not created: My recipe: user "myuser" do supports :manage_home => true shell "/bin/bash" home "/home/myuser" comment "Created by Chef" passw
On Windows OS we can find the list of local user groups created on a system from Contorl Panel -> User Accounts. This information can be obtained from command line also using net command. Syntax is shown below
I am a new Ubuntu Linux 16. 04. xx LTS server user
I want to create a new user to run a service on the system but don't want to have /home and other configuration files for it. Like there is a user for postgres but it doesn't have any /home directory. By default the command useradd doesn't create hom
This is the “old school” approach. .
It's there to run things that don't need any special permissions. It's usually reserved for vulnerable services (httpd, etc) so that if they get hacked, they'll have minimal damage on the rest of the system. Contrast this with running something as a
About the root user The user account named "root" is a special user in UNIX-style operating systems that has read and write privileges to all areas of the file system. Because the root user has special privileges in OS X, it might be useful for speci
How to Open "Local Users and Groups" in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Note Here is a brief explanation of what the Users and Groups folders are for. For more detailed information about Local Users and Groups, click on the blue ? on the toolbar in the Local
I am a new Linux system user. How do I kill process on Linux based server using command line options? How can I kill running process on Unix? Linux and Unix-like operating system come with the kill command to terminates stalled or unwanted processes
Note: For help with configuring sudo privileges via its configuration file /etc/sudoers, please see Sudoers. In Linux (and Unix in general), there is a SuperUser named root. The Windows equivalent of root is the Administrators group