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Give it a go, if you like, but such big files become impractical if you want to do "normal" editing; eg, you don't want to go saving your edits too often; it will take too long :) If it's for a one off, split and join would work quite well, and it is
Ctrl + G will let you read the help. nano can do some pretty nice things so you might want to pootle around in there for a bit. When you see ^G (et al) it means Ctrl + G
I while back I wrote a blog post comparing 8 different free LaTeX editors, all of which are available for Ubuntu. (Of course, I was using Ubuntu when I wrote the post!) The post is about six months old at this time. I think a lot of the information t
I was working on some sysadmin tasks on a freshly installed server, and I found out the crontab editor was not what I expected it to be. I really like vi (or vim) for command line editing, so I wanted ‘crontab -e’ to use vim instead of something else
I've been having a problem setting sublime text 2 as the core. editor with git. I've read through every post I could find addressing the problem, but still nothing is working for me
Gedit is simple and lightweight, yes, but does it have any actual advantages over Geany? You have to install a bunch of plugins just to catch up with ordinary built-in features of Geany, like code folding etc. Whereas Geany plugins will give you extr
Sometime we need to find and replace text in more than one files. The problem begins when we try to do so after opening each file. Certainly, you need only a couple of seconds to find and replace text in two or three files
Fast editing examples using cat, ed, and sed Michael StutzPublished on January 16, 2007 Most UNIX® developers settle on Emacs, vi, or one of the many variants, offshoots, and clones of these two text-editing applications. Files are normally opened in
As we seem to be listing all available alternatives of displaying any text file in the terminal, it would be quite fun to introduce pv as technically one valid (but unusual) method, although I would normally use cat instead for most things. It is in