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The error message means that your CPU does not support PAE extensions – that is a technique which allows a 32bit CPU to address more than 4GB of memory address space. By default, 12. 04 and later versions of Ubuntu expects a CPU with this capability:
Creating installation media for your operating system of choice used to be simple. Just download an ISO and burn it to CD or DVD. Now we’re using USB drives, and the process is a little different for each operating system
Answer #: 1 You can check the installer logs and dates at: /var/log/installer A quick way to find the date through the command line would be by running: ls -l /var/log/installer Answer #: 2 If you use ext2/ext3/ext4 and formatted the disk when you in
I'd like to see the full How-To on how to use manual partitioning during Ubuntu installation. The existing guides (at least those I found here) cover only automatic part and leave untouched the manual part (or extremely short and contain no pictures)
(Content copied from "Ubuntu 14. 10 ISO live boot ends up with a corrupted display" #13615 VirtualBox bug ticket, by piotrjurkiewicz) Booting up live session of Ubuntu MATE 14. 10 and Ubuntu Gnome 14
This guide is intended to introduce you to the very many ways in which Ubuntu may be installed to your machine depending on your specific use case. The official Ubuntu 12. 04 Installation Guide also covers a complete list of alternative installation
Answer #: 1 Here’s the general outline: Make space for Windows 7 Install Windows 7 Reinstall GRUB Mount the /boot partition Install the boot loader Step One Open up GParted, and make sure that you have at least 20 GB available for Windows 7, either a
Answer #: 1 1. Obtain latest image You should do this with testdrive . Note