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I installed Ubuntu 13. 04 on the Surface Pro and now I can't boot into it. Could anyone help me figure out why? Here are the steps I took:1: Disabled Secureboot in the BIOS 2: Shrank the system partition on the SSD by 10 GB
Computers are everywhere - at home, at work and at school. Most of our daily activities either involve the use of or depend oninformation from a computer. Activities such as learning to read, finding a job, looking up a product or planning a trip, co
If you're feeling excited, you can delete nouveau from your PC by simply sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau I won't recommend you remove the nouveau, but I did though :P Doing the steps above got me up and running again with nvidia driver
I've encountered a few problems with upgrading from v11. 10 to v12. 04-LTS, however I was able to perform first an automated cleanup via ubuntu-tweak, and then later I followed that up with a manual cleanup from the command-line by first running 'upd
Creating an unattended install consists of the following steps: Create a configuration file, ks. cfg, using the GUI Kickstart tool. Extract the files from the Ubuntu install ISO
What partitioning scheme do you recommend for a desktop? I've always created three or four primary partitions -- root, swap, home, and sometimes a separate boot partition. Ubuntu's default install offers LVMs. I've never had to add additional drives
I need my pre-installed version of Windows 7 (or any other version of Windows), how could I install Ubuntu without erasing it? The instructions below are for Ubuntu 11. 10. Other versions will be similar but might have a slightly different appearance
Actually, Ubuntu does have disk swap and it does have a separate disk partition. And so what if it doesn't! Just go into the command line interface in windows and type diskpart disk_partition_name I've even seen it have it. If I go into my disk parti
May 3, 2010 When I installed, I selected the option to encrypt my home folder. I believe this is causing constant crashes now, since error message is user id/password related. Is there a way to remove the encryption? Ubuntu Security :: Removing Encry