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Trying to install from a USB live image and getting the following - [ 26. 952015] ata3: COMRESET failed (erro=16) BusyBox v1. 21
by Fabby Last Updated October 11, 2016 09:00 AM No, this is not a comparison of back-up tools, nor is it a solicitation on What to backup or Why and only a little bit about Where to backup and When to do it. This is basically a strategy question: wha
There are a few ways to copy your config and set up. It depends on how big the changes you have made. And if you are upgrading to a new version
I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12. 04 Server (32bit) on a machine here using a USB stick. I used the Universal-USB-Installer-1
The easiest way to do this is to run a bare bones Ubuntu installation on your hard drive, install VirtualBox and set up a virtual Ubuntu machine. Run your virtual machine and set up that installation just like you want it with all the bells and whist
This question already has an answer here: Using a bootable live cd disk image mounted on the hard drive 2 answers I found this looking around on the net. Grub2 is capable of directly booting ISO images for many Linux distros if the entries have been
Considering the incredible amount of difficulty it would take to actually get Ubuntu running on an iPad, I'd recommend taking a different approach. Keep in mind all information I'm about to tell you will COMPLETELY VOID YOUR WARRANTY (and, as a about
Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox How To Below are translations of this page. Note that these translations many be out of date. The last update to the English version was on October 13th 2015
There are some ways to migrate your Wubi installation to a separated partition, but I'll cover the most secure one: Using a Live USB/CD First of all, you should: Know where is your root. disk file in the Live USB. You should have a copy of this helpe
Before beginning I downloaded an iso for RedoBackup and created a bootable CD. I booted that my system with that CD and backed up my two Ubuntu partitions to a USB drive. Then I opened up my case and added my new SSD as a second drive on my system an