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What SHUTDOWN does is, it closes all the running applications and sets the computer at almost zero power state in a controlled way… Once you shutdown your computer it’ll not consume any power externally… But when you again turn on your computer it’ll
0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01) This problem wasn't present in Ubuntu 13. 04, Linux Mint Debian Edition or Debian 7 wheezy (GNOME or KDE). Edit: few test with the following results :The pr
This question is related to another one by @Stefan, but it is not a duplicate of it. The questions are slightly different: the author simply wanted to know if this had been implemented, while I'm asking for help specifically on how to do this (in a p
You can use the at command to schedule any action, including running the commands detailed in that question. For example, if you want to hibernate in 30 minutes: echo 'pmi action hibernate' | at now + 30 min Or if you want to suspend at 11:00 pm: ech