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How do I start, restart or stop Apache 2 web server & MySQL server under Ubuntu Linux operating systems? /etc/init. d/apache2 is service script used to start / stop / restart the Apache2 service under Debian or Ubuntu Linux. You need to login as
I‘m a new Unix system user. How do I use sudo command without a password on a Linux or Unix-like systems? Some times you may need to run a command with root privileges, but you do not want to type a password using sudo command. This is useful for scr
I'm using ubuntu server 12. 04 LTS I want to know how to configure my sudoers file (obviously, using visudo), to permit an user to run commands like root (doing something like "sudo service x restart") but without the permission to be root (doing "su
If you run the sudo command in Bash on Ubuntu in Windows 10, you might face the issue that it shows an error message unable to resolve host followed by your computer name. Here is a quick fix for this issue. Under Windows 10, Bash on Ubuntu can't res
After I add a user using adduser, I can’t see it via System->Administration->Users and Groups unless I logout and then login again. Is that normal? Also, can I set a newly added user as a sudoer or do I have to change that only after adding it?
Answer #: 1 If you want to extract to a particular destination folder, you can use: unzip file. zip -d destination_folder Answer #: 2 It is simple use unzip unzip file. zip Answer #: 3 A more useful tool is 7z, which zips and unzips a range of compre