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But after setting it up, apache2 and mysql start up on boot. This isn't necessary, given that I'm only sometimes working on these sites. Now that I'm on 18, I'm finally getting around to disabling these services (so they don't start on boot)
as camelot has said, shell initialization files do not exist by default. you will want to create a . bash_profile nano $home/
None of the other solutions worked for me in Gnome 3. 14 on Gnome Ubuntu 14. 10
Your boot is very slow compared to mine. About 15 seconds booting First of all , did you installed your Vertex after windows setup or did you also took a new windows install ? If you installed windows on your vertex without using Vista SP1 or Windows
I am trying to install an init. d script, to run celery for scheduling tasks. Here is the steps I followed: copied the file celeryd and pasted it in folder /etc/init
Startup items are the apps, shortcuts, folders, drivers, etc. .
by Eric Last Updated March 12, 2017 01:02 AM When I log in Ubuntu, I would like all windows opened at previous session (terminal and Firefox mainly) to be re-opened automatically at the same size and position. How to proceed? Answers 10 For 11. 04 an
My computer was pretty determined: “cannot format USB drive” was all I got out of my efforts to format my USB flash drive. I’d feel embarrassed to admit how much time I spent yesterday trying to get my USB flash disk back to a working state after it
I'd like to be able to disable the Ubuntu splash screen that I see on boot with the indicator meter of progress, and replace that with a text-only readout of the boot up process (such as you can get by hitting the esc key during the splash screen). I
My Java based project is currently running in an OSGi container, where other projects register their OSGi services for others to use. If I know a service is currently registered, I can simply query, with the 'BundleContext' builtin method: getContext