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I will try to answer your question, as I had the same task but in SD cards, which is still a flash memory. Short AnswerYou can only write a full page of 512 bytes in a flash memory. Given the flash memory has a poor write count, the kernel is bufferi
For Kingston drives on Debian-based computersSimilar to this answer execute # apt-get install smartmontools However when I execute the command to show the drive info, it looks like SMART was disabled: # smartctl -a /dev/sda smartctl 6. 2 2013-07-26 r
Before beginning I downloaded an iso for RedoBackup and created a bootable CD. I booted that my system with that CD and backed up my two Ubuntu partitions to a USB drive. Then I opened up my case and added my new SSD as a second drive on my system an
Prior warning: bcache can not be used for your existing Ubuntu installation. If you need SSD caching for your operating system you should wait for a future or special version of the Ubuntu installer which could set up your SSD cache. See this answer
Traditional mechanical disk drives need to be defragmented for optimum performance, although Windows now does a good job of doing this automatically. Some software companies claim that their tools can “optimize” SSDs, just as disk defragmenters could
TRIM is a service that runs in your operating system and works with SSD hardware to track what blocks on the drive are unused, and then prepares them for writing. When put in use, TRIM can optimize SSD performance, especially on drives that are relat