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So i have a Laptop with integrated sound. I have a Microphone and a Headphone socket. I connected an external audio source to the microphone
digital memory is area on disk this is utilized by potential of the gadget as RAM. think of of it this way. RAM is a precsious source, required by potential of all the courses and working gadget
[This is now viewable as a video at my blog - http://screencasttutorial. org/27/record-microphone-and-speakers-via-stereo-mix-into-camstudio-in-windows-7-with-gain-staging-395 or at YouTube - http://www. youtube
Since this is a very high rated question on google, I'll add the steps I did to re-enable beep in both console and X11: For the Linux Console (CTRL+ALT+F1. .
The other day, I connected my Acer Aspire R13 running Ubuntu 15. 04 with my Samsung TV to watch a movie. To my surprise, there was no sound through HDMI in TV
Hello and good day, ladies and gentlemen, 'cause my english is very bad (Please forgive me!), I couldn't find a solution for my problem. I've got 3 sound outputs on 2 Soundcards in my PC. I don't want to change the default windows audio device, but I
I have a three week old baby. Occasionally she refuses to sleep. Some people tell me this is the way life is, some people tell me I need to buy things to fix it