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Human short-term memory is notoriously frail, as everyone who’s ever misplaced their keys knows. Though it’s true that never before in history was our day-to-day memory tested with such an enormous amount of information that it had to absorb and reta
I came across a neat new extensions that provides Nautilus Git integration
Is there any utility to make searches for a string inside ASCII files to avoid command line searches? How to make a command line search, for example for the string "test" inside all files in the directory /var/x/? You can use searchmonkey. The tool i
until he/she feels the force) like: lshw - Shows you information about all hardwarelsusb - Shows you information about all USB hardwarelspci - Shows information about all PCI compatible hardwarecat /proc/cpuinfo - Shows detailed information about you
I especially like yEd. DIA is unusable in comparison. I still wonder how I managed to document my Bachelor's Thesis using it
I'll address the online buffering that browsers use. .
How to view CHM files in Ubuntu? chmsee is no longer available in Ubuntu, as it is no longer being maintained. Here is the announcement on the project site: Stop maintain ChmSee is not being developed anymore. I haven't read CHM documents more than a
First off sorry for the late notice but with all the venue issues Linux. Conf. AU 2011 (LCA2011) has been having I didn't want to go ahead and organise something until we knew what was going on
The last remaining memories fade away into darkness. Your mind is a mess and only a feeling of being hunted remains. You must escape