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There are few popular OCR command-line tools you can use (I'm not sure if they've GUI): Tesseract (ReadMe, FAQ) (Python) Also available for: Tesseract . NET, Tesseract iOS An OCR Engine that was developed at HP Labs between 1985 and 1995.
by Takkat Last Updated March 21, 2016 09:00 AM Access to our computer (not only to the internet) needs to be restricted for the accounts of my kids (7, 8) until they are old enough to manage this by themselves. Until then we need to be able to define
A UPnP/DLNA media server, like for example ReadyMedia, can be used to stream video and audio files to any UPnP/DLNA player or client on the home network. VLC can be used as a UPnP/DLNA client or player to play the video or audio content of any UPnP/D
One of the things I like best when using OS X is the Spotlight tool. You can click a magnifying glass in the corner, and search for apps, files, anything. Windows 7's Start Menu search tool is similar
I believe Ive found the best TTS software for free using a Google Chrome extension called "SpeakIt". This only works in the Chrome browser for me on Ubuntu. It doesnt work with Chromium for some reason
The PLplot is cross platform plotting software that you can use for the creation of scientific plots. It is characterized by a some very unique features such as a core C library, some language binding for this library as well as device drivers that c
GnuPG (GPG) can use asymmetric and symmetric encryption. Asymmetric crypto involves a two keys, a public key for encryption and a private key for decryption. See djeikyb answer on this page for asymmetric key usage
The first sentences here, I think, are meant to be in the past simple, not the present: I stopped working. I stopped watching movies. I stopped cooking
Question:Often I need to annotate (draw some arrows, lines, basic shapes like squares, ellipses etc and enter some text) on top of pictures (JPG, PNG images) and screenshots (again png images). I would also need to be able to crop, resize etc. I trie
A complete application would probably be kind of an overkill; a tiny background script is doing the job. The script below will, in a loop, do exactly as you mention: it keeps the screen "normal" for an arbitrary time (in minutes, you may use floats t