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I've noticed a new release of Picasa (3. 9). How would I install it over my current install of Picasa? To install Picasa 3
Actually I have installed the new Ubuntu 15. 04 64bit, and when I'm trying to install Steam on it, there is a problem. In fact I have downloaded the deb package from steam website, installed it and when I start it nothing happens
Microsoft has done the unexpected by releasing Visual Studio Code for all major desktop platforms that includes Linux as well. If you are a web developer who happens to be using Ubuntu, you can easily install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu. We will be
This question already has an answer here: I’m trying to install MySQL Workbench on my Ubuntu box (11. 04). The website has a Ubuntu
I want to make sure before I download anything unnecessary or do something stupid. Currently I'm using Code::Blocks IDE (nightly build, svn 8982), and my compiler is GCC 4. 4
In most cases, a clean install is not required when installing Flash Player. The Flash Player installer will upgrade previous installs without having to uninstall first. However, if you find you're running into problems or would like to downgrade to
Thanks to Wandisco, which is maintaining the rpm packages for latest Subversion version. This article will help you to Install Subversion 1. 8
Adobe Reader for Linux is no longer available for download from Adobe website. But we can still install it in Ubuntu through the old Canonical Partners repository. Adobe has recently removed the Linux support from its official download page
Occasionally, some applications and games (eg. some from the Humble Indie Bundle) have . run installers
Understanding the role each technology plays in the stack is crucial when moving from LAMP to MEAN for web development. Whether you’re looking for consolidation of technologies or to leverage in-house JavaScript expertise, the MEAN stack can offer a