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I wasn't going to post this - I think I misunderstood your scenario - but here goes, maybe see if some ideas pop up: A few questions: Does this happen with other packages on the box as well? Do you see the same problem with the VMWare package on othe
apt-cache policy The above command will shows installed package version and also all the available versions in the repository according to the version of Ubuntu in which you are running. It doesn't display the package version which was intended for a
according to Oracle Official Doc for Linux Download you can install virtual box by adding it's repository using two ways 1 - add it's repository(according to your ubuntu version) directry into /etc/apt/sources. list file [next line for ubuntu 16. 04
To install Skype, you need to download the latest version from the Skype website. Do not download Skype from anywhere else. Having problems downloading Skype? The Skype install file is about 1
On the basis the original question asked about the latest version of Maven this PPA provides a backport from wily to trusty for Maven 3. 3. 9 https://launchpad
Amazon Affiliate Link: 2007 Microsoft Office System Plain & Simple The following link is to the OpenOffice. org documentation website, however the information and links provided are relevant to a number of ODF-based Office Productivity Applicatio
This question already has an answer here: I tried to install Teamviewer 9 on Ubuntu 14. 04, unsuccessfully. I've downloaded the following extra(Raring) packages: http://archive
Here is some sloppy, and probably not very encompassing post-processing you can do to dpkg -I output to get dependency items as a list: Condensed for computers # dpkg -I package. deb | python -c "import sys, re; t=re. split(r'\n(?= ?[\w]+:)|:', sys
For new users who are just starting out with Ubuntu and want to install Google Chrome browser, here’s the quickest way to do it. There are many ways to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu. Some prefer going directly to Google Chrome download page and get
As far as I can tell, at least in a docker container, one can definitively apt-get python 3. First I ran into a ubuntu container with container: docker run -it --rm ubuntu:latest bash then for some reason it needed to update some ubuntu stuff so I di