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A confirmed bug in Ubuntu 13. 10 prevents users from switching layouts using combinations like Alt+Shift, Caps Lock, Ctrl+Shift etc. The bug affects many people, its importance is set to “High”, so we may expect that an official fix will be released
The shortcut Ctrl+Alt + arrow keys allows you to move in the workspaces. You’ll need to turn workspaces on if you’re on 13. 04+
Answer #: 1 For 12. 04 and newer gconf is now deprecated – http://en. wikipedia
I know that using Alt-F7, I can use the keyboard to move the window around. I can also use the “Grid” plugin of Compiz to position quickly the window around my current monitor. The grid plugin doesn’t seem work across monitor however
Gnome Terminal indeed has predefined actions bound to Shift + Home and Shift + End. However, it is not GT that defines this behaviour, but rather it's because of VTE which GT is based on. As far as I can tell this aspect is not configurable and the o
A new focus on the desktop brings new keyboard shortcuts for desktop users, so rejoice! Here are all the new keyboard shortcuts you need to know in Windows 10. From window management with Snap and Task View to virtual desktops and the Command Prompt,
Answer #: 1 Notice: As of 2013, Ubuntu and derivatives no longer use xmodmap, but instead use xkb. For more information see this answer. The answer below is no longer relevant for current releases
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Sponsored Link This is the list of Unity Keyboard shortcuts and if you have more you can add in to the askubuntu thread . We also want to thank all the users who contributed to this. List of Ubuntu Unity Keyboard shortcuts Launcher Super -- Invoke th
Answer #: 1 If you want to extract to a particular destination folder, you can use: unzip file. zip -d destination_folder Answer #: 2 It is simple use unzip unzip file. zip Answer #: 3 A more useful tool is 7z, which zips and unzips a range of compre