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In the past the past I used to use xmodmap to prevent the Caps Lock button from working, and then tell Launchy to handle the key press instead. I can't seem to do this anymore. What is the best way to disable Caps Lock's normal behavior, and make it
This is not just gnome terminal, but pretty much all gnome windows: When you hold the "alt" key, you can press the first letter of one of the menu items. This will let you scroll that menu without clicking on it directly. This is okay on any other wi
Digg has brought back the "bury" button, one of the prominent features in "Digg V3" that the site has brought back. Digg promised to bring back the bury button on Oct. 12, when newly appointed chief executive Matt Williams made the announcement via a
I have a non-UEFI HP laptop running Windows 10. My F keys have a variety of functions on them, and I have to press and hold Fn to access the actual F1-12 functions. My F1 key has a little question mark on it
Hello, @Aepardis – Hope you are well Thanks for joining HP Support Forums. I'm glad to be of your assistance! I understand that you are having trouble with your HP Spectre. It looks like an issue with the PC drivers
This question already has an answer here: How do I delete my commands quickly? 9 answers Ctrl+U will only clean from the cursor to the beginning of the line, so if the cursor is at the end of the line, all the line will be cleaned, and if not, there
I am very new to Ubuntu, and I'm having a problem that I don't know how to get it fixed. I even tried looking it up on the web for answers, but maybe I don't know the right terms to search for it. I work with IntelliJ IDEA, an application for develop
How do I take a screenshot? press PrtScn = Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the (invisible) clipboard. Note: On some notebooks you have to hold Fn and then press PrtScn instead. Where can I find that key? PrtScn ScrLk Pause Look fo
by sushi2141 Last Updated January 05, 2016 12:01 PM How do I open the application launcher ("start menu") of Kubuntu with my Windows key? Similar to how the Start menu in Windows is opened. I don't want to use Alt+F1. Answers 6 About modifier keysMod
I switch back and forth between two computers constantly: OSX Snow Leopard Ubuntu 10. 10 I'd like to be able to make Ubuntu use the same keyboard shortcuts as OSX System Wide, for the following keyboard sequences only (ie I don't want to make Ctrl ac