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digital memory is area on disk this is utilized by potential of the gadget as RAM. think of of it this way. RAM is a precsious source, required by potential of all the courses and working gadget
I'm particularly interested in the last two shortcuts. I use the "grid" option of CompizConfig Settings Manager. "Grid" is developed as an extra plugin, so you have to install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra package (I couldn't see this in "software cent
Finally figured it out. . first sudo apt-get install dconf-tools nautilus-open-terminal, then run dconf-editor and set the org/gnome/desktop/interface/can-change-accels boolean on
Copy text by highlighting it with your mouse. Usually you can use Ctl+C or right click the selection select "copy" from the popup menu as well. Paste text by clicking your middle mouse button
Consider the following bash prompt, where ^ denotes the prompt location: svn commit -m very/long/path/to/some/file "[bug 123456] Fix the pixel issue" ^ I'd like to commit a different file with the same message. How can I delete the current word, from
You can also use dconf-editor. This option will make the setting persistent across sessions. sudo apt-get install dconf-editor After starting the dconf-editor, navigate to org >> gnome >> desktop >> input-sources Add the options tha
I can select all file by going to the 1st line Alt+\, start marking the text by Alt+A, go to the last line by Alt+/ But there, I don't know which key to remove the selected text. Hit delete doesn't work for me but Ctrl+K to cut the text will destroy
In the past the past I used to use xmodmap to prevent the Caps Lock button from working, and then tell Launchy to handle the key press instead. I can't seem to do this anymore. What is the best way to disable Caps Lock's normal behavior, and make it
This is not just gnome terminal, but pretty much all gnome windows: When you hold the "alt" key, you can press the first letter of one of the menu items. This will let you scroll that menu without clicking on it directly. This is okay on any other wi
Digg has brought back the "bury" button, one of the prominent features in "Digg V3" that the site has brought back. Digg promised to bring back the bury button on Oct. 12, when newly appointed chief executive Matt Williams made the announcement via a