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Questions: I need to write a shell script to start and stop an android service . Answers: I’m a beginner in Android, but got it working like this: in AndroidManifest. xml, make sure you, inside , have something like this: where YourServiceSubClassNam
A daemon is a background, non-interactive program. It is detached from the keyboard and display of any interactive user. The word daemon for denoting a background program is from the Unix culture; it is not universal
I've installed mongodb v3. 4. This starts up on boot
Every time at boot I get a message “Network service discovery disabled. Your current network has a . local domain, which is not recommended and incompatible with the Avahi network service discovery
by JSBach Last Updated December 06, 2017 21:02 PM I have three scripts I need to run when I start up my Ubuntu machine, they start services I use in my development environment. To do that, I manually open three terminals and type in the commands. Is
My Java based project is currently running in an OSGi container, where other projects register their OSGi services for others to use. If I know a service is currently registered, I can simply query, with the 'BundleContext' builtin method: getContext
There are two big things that matter for programmers: knowing what needs to be done, and doing it. So when a server that you SSH into tells you that it wants to be restarted, it’s nice to just do that quick reboot. So long as you trust that nothing w
On Sat, 2009-04-18 at 22:32 +0800, Nathan Huang wrote: > Hi guys > I face a problem, What 's the difference between these two commands? > > [mirandam@charon ~]$ su -c '/etc/init. d/NetworkManager stop' > > [mirandam@charon ~]$ |su -
Answer #: 1 This should do the trick : Open terminal (CTRL + ALT + t) and type into sudo update-rc. d tomcat disable Basically update-rc. d will modify existing runlevel links for the script /etc/init
I am trying to install chkconfig, and i am getting the error. error msg-------------------------Reading package lists.