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I am trying to install chkconfig, and i am getting the error. error msg-------------------------Reading package lists.
Answer #: 1 You can think of LVM as “dynamic partitions”, meaning that you can create/resize/delete LVM “partitions” (they’re called “Logical Volumes” in LVM-speak) from the command line while your Linux system is running: no need to reboot the syste
You can simply add the add-apt-repository command. It’s part of the python-software-properties package. sudo apt-get install python-software-properties Side note: in 11
How do I restart an Apache 2 Web Server under a Debian / Ubuntu Linux or UNIX-like operating systems? Apache is primarily used to serve both static content and dynamic Web pages on the World Wide Web. Many web applications are designed expecting the
I‘m a new Apple OS X Mabbook user. I am getting an error which read as follows when I connect to any remote Linux/Unix/BSD server or machine through OS X ssh Terminal app: ssh user@server1. cyberciti