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But after setting it up, apache2 and mysql start up on boot. This isn't necessary, given that I'm only sometimes working on these sites. Now that I'm on 18, I'm finally getting around to disabling these services (so they don't start on boot)
I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12. 04 Server (32bit) on a machine here using a USB stick. I used the Universal-USB-Installer-1
I am writing a new answer as Tasksel 'Task names' DO NOT show up in dpkg or apt queries. Meaning the other answers are incomplete (or wrong). "I can't remember If I have checked the 'virtual machine host' checkbox
I finally got RVM working and now I would like RVM to install the latest stable ruby version. In the tutorial I am using they installed ruby 1. 9
What is Java Auto Update? How do I change notify settings? This article applies to: Platform(s): Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP Java version(s): 7. 0, 8. 0 Mac OS X users: See How to update Java for Mac for more informati
Ubuntu, even the minimal flavour, comes with the ssl cert package pre installed, which means you don t need to do anything. The files you re looking for are already on your system etc ssl certs ssl cert snakeoil. pem etc ssl private ssl cert snakeoil
I am a new Ubuntu Linux 16. 04. xx LTS server user
When I run sudo do-release-upgrade over ssh, I get the following message. This session appears to be running under ssh. It is not recommended to perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it is harder to recover
Better yet, are there any Spacewalk-like software that works for both RedHat-based and Debian-based systems? Answers 4 In addition to straight Puppet and Spacewalk, there is a puppet-based system called "foreman" that does most of what you're looking