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"The new application, GatorSafe, has all of the requested features at a fraction of the cost of the application the University was previously using. .
PGP vs GPG “PGP” and “GPG” stand for “Pretty Good Privacy” and “Gnu Privacy Guard. ” These are two different computer programs developed to protect electronic communications. Today almost everyone uses emails for correspondence and communication, but
Vietnamese Thai Indonesian Chinese English French Spanish Portuguese Login Register /index. php?option=com_communityanswers&view=questions&Itemid=344&task=questions. search&format=json what is the difference between Security and Safet
With the sudden rise in SSH brute force attacks, securing SSH is more important than ever. In a shared hosting environment, you options are somewhat limited, but if you have a well defined user group, you can really lock down SSH such that brute-forc
ClamAV There aren't many viruses made for Linux distributions and as such, most people who use such systems don't ever bother using an antivirus software. Those however who do want to be able to scan their system or other windows-based systems that a
All login attempts are logged to /var/log/auth. log. 1
Many Mac users have noticed that the Secure Empty Trash feature has been removed in OS X El Capitan (10. 11 or later), the reason the feature was removed is basically because it did not work all the time, but more on that in a moment. First, let’s co
Answer #: 1 What is Bash? Bash is the default interactive shell in Ubuntu. When you are interfacing with the terminal (either through the terminal emulator, over a tty, or ssh), you are generally typing commands that bash will read, and execute. Even
Note: For help with configuring sudo privileges via its configuration file /etc/sudoers, please see Sudoers. In Linux (and Unix in general), there is a SuperUser named root. The Windows equivalent of root is the Administrators group
What is OpenSSL? OpenSSL is a common cryptographic library which provides encryption, specifically SSL/TLS, for popular applications such as Apache (web), MySQL (database), e-mail, virtual private networks (VPNs), and more. What is “the Heartbleed Bu