Questions about: samba

Since as the error message says CIFS URLs (starting with smb://) are not supported, you have to use the "classic" syntax to identify the server and share. Furthermore, you cannot mount a folder within a share as though it is a share--you should mount
After seeing the how to mount a fat32 partition I thought I'd show you how to mount a share. First off you need to make sure the share it setup correctly on your Windows system, I'll only focus on sharing with WinXP. Its not hard on WinXP
There's two ways to share directories over a network, Samba and NFS. There's probably lots of other ways, but those are the common ones. The question is, which to use? If your network includes Windows boxes, then you'll need at least some Samba, beca
Normally, smdb starts automatically. I know because I had to figure out how to stop it from starting as I don't need it but it was running with open ports (security risk). First, check if the process is really not running after boot: Is it stop/waiti