Reverting from Ctrl - Alt - F1


I'm unable to return to the GUI with Ctrl-Alt-F7 (or any of the 12 function keys). I have some unsaved work and I don't want to lose them. Are there any other key combinations that will allow me to switch back?

Here is what I did:

I pressed Ctrl-Alt-F1 and it showed a text-based login screen as usual Then I pressed Ctrl-Alt-F7 and it showed a screen full of text (I can't remember what they were) Then I pressed Ctrl-Alt-F8 and it showed log messages that resembles /var/log/messages. Some entries are from automount, some from sendmail, and none are errors. Pressing any of the Ctrl-Alt-Fn combinations now has no effect. The cap-lock and num-lock LED no longer respond to their corresponding keys. I can use the mouse to highlight the text on the screen, but nothing else.

Any idea what happened?

I can still login to the system via SSH. GUI applications that I was using (e.g. opera) are still running and consuming tiny amounts of CPU as usual, as reported by top. Is...

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This is a laptop with no LVDS (LCD) panel but PC-BSD 10.3 & 11.0-CURRENT install & X11 works on the VGA port set in the BIOS as default.

Current ISO: TrueOS-Desktop-2016-09-20-x64-DVD.iso
FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #8 a212210(drm-next-4.7): Tue Sep 6 12:20:35 UTC 2016

The VT driver successfully transitions from VGA to FB the console text is redrawn in the native display resolution with the mouse pointer. X attempts to start & the display blanks & the monitor transitions to power save

I have retrieved the logs by booting to singleuser & then carried out the necessary ZFS/network steps to access the logs & scp them off. I second the request for the return of the boot to console - or some scripts to take the user from single user to multi-user without X. Anyhow hopefully relevant log sections follow:

Sep 27 14:58:03 trueos-1952 kernel: [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 20060810
Sep 27 14:58:03 trueos-1952 kernel: drmn0: on vgapci0
Sep 27...

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Re: CTRL-ALT-F1 [Date Prev][Date Next] [Thread Prev][Thread Next] [Thread Index] [Date Index] [Author Index] From: Mike McCarty To: For users of Fedora Core releases Subject: Re: CTRL-ALT-F1 Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:56:48 -0600 Kaushal Shriyan wrote: Hi All I want to set the buffer size in the CTRL-ALT-F1 to F6 text console to 1000 lines so that I can view all my code in the screen at a time You want 1000 lines on a screen? Even with a screen 20" tall, that would make the letters only 20"/1000 = 20 milliinches = 0.5mm tall. You couldn't read it without a magnifying glass (aside from the fact that the screeen wouldn't have that kind of resolution). Mike -- p="p=%c%s%c;main(){printf(p,34,p,34);}";main(){printf(p,34,p,34);} This message made from 100% recycled bits. You have found the bank of Larn. I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you. I speak only for myself, and I am unanimous in that! [Date Prev][Date Next] [Thread Prev][Thread Next] [Thread...
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Had a spare drive, so I've dual-booted Linux Mint on it. I've done a bit of Linux before in virtual machines, but that's it. I don't know if this is the right forum, but I am a Linux newbie.

Anyway, I follow the dual-boot instructions, get everything running, and decide to install the NVIDIA drivers. And that's when the problems started. So, after setting the NVIDIA*.run file to executable, giving it the needed permissions, and running it, it tells me I need to run it in a terminal. Fair enough; a quick internet search tells me I should try "sudo". So I open a terminal, CD into my Downloads folder, make sure that "NVIDIA*.run" is the only file in there, and "sudo *". It says "Command not found." I check permissions, as another page suggests. They're fine. So another page suggests "sh NVIDIA*.run". So, "sudo sh *". Tells me I'm running X Server, and so it can't install. In between here, I try these commands in the ctrl-alt-f1 terminal, so that...

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Ok, it did not even require a full system restart. I was able to ssh in to my box (and close out VNC client) and then all I did was restart my GUI (for xUbuntu 14.04 trusty is LightDM (kicks Unity's ass by the way I swear by xUbuntu and will not use Ubntu and Unity (just a side note anyways back to it). From SSH session all I did was issue sudo service lgihtdm restart and viola after it restarted and I logged back in Software Updater GUI is opening as it should again.

Keep in mind if you go to try this you CAN NOT do it from your desktop with a terminal emulator. If you do not use SSH then you can hit I think it's the ctrl+alt+F keys (ie F1 - F8) it could be just ctrl+F key and that should drop you to a text only login screen. From there just login with your user and password and when you get the $ prompt then just use:

sudo service lightdm restart

(or you could prolly fill in whatever it maybe that runs unity).

If you have xUbuntu the Lightdm restart...

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I use the evdev driver, and have an empty xorg.conf, and I've set the keyboard layout to Norwegian (no) in /etc/hal/fdi/polic/10-keymap.fdi

I tried to use fluxbox and there it works without problems. I've tried to set the layout in the Gnome settings to Norwegian, and it works for a session, but switches back to US after reboot.

I've tried to autostart "setxkbmap no" after Gnome has started, and that works, but the keyboard reverts back to US every time I switch to terminal mode (ctrl+alt+F1) and back, something I do quite often.

It seems to be a Gnome bug, but I've searched and nobody seems to have the same problem (or they are happy to just go back to the old keyboard driver).

Has anyone else had this problem, and maybe found a solution to it?

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