Questions about: restart

Should I restart when prompted?Yes, you should. For most cases, a restart is required when an update to the Linux kernel has been installed. These updates are usually security updates, and then only come into effect after a reboot
The command unity can be used to restart unity. It restarts the window manager, so your open programs will stay intact and you will not be logged out. If you run the command from a terminal app, you should add & disown to detach it from the termi
The title might not be as descriptive as I would like it to be but couldn't come up with a better one. My server's file system went into Read-only. And I don't understand why it does so and how to solve it
Ubuntu is a distribution of the GNU/Linux Operationg System which in turn belongs to the Unix system family - a common architecture for a number of modern Operating Systems. Traditionally Unix used to run on mainframe computers. Central computing fac
How to change System Hostname in Ubuntu Linux. How to change the hostname of a Linux system without restarting. On Ubuntu, how to change Hostname via Command Line