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The ubuntu repositories are split into four parts. main: free software supported by canonical restricted: non-free software supported by canonical (firmware, drivers etc) universe: free software not supported by canonical multiverse: non-free softwar
I wanted to keep my existing configuration and programs on my Cubieboard2 with Linaro Lubuntu, but at the same I wanted to upgrade the packages since the Lubuntu 12. 10 is quite outdated. This post describes my steps to upgrade my Cubieboard2 to the
These are monthly snapshot-releases corresponding to the milestones for the next official Ubuntu release. They are the product of the time-based release cycle used by Canonical for Ubuntu since version 13. 04
If you've enjoyed this blog, please consider picking up a copy of my Ubuntu book, Instant Ubuntu. Thanks for visiting! Update: There is an updated version of this post available here: Find your Ubuntu kernel version. To make up for not blogging over
Much of the general background on Ubuntu point releases for LTS support is covered in this Ask Ubuntu question. What follows is some additional details in regards to the 12. 04
Comments and links about LTS systemsIt can be difficult and confusing to select the version of Ubuntu both for the first installation and for upgrading to a new released version. This answer will focus on how to find the version with the longest rema
I'm having some problems trying to run my Windows XP virtual machine after upgrading to Ubuntu 14. 04 today. When I tried to start it a message dialog was displayed saying that the kernel drivers aren't installed, in concrete they should be provided
Here's an easy how-to guide on how to find the latest mainline, stable, or longterm Linux kernel and how to upgrade to it. You can open System Monitor and go to the first tab to see what kernel you currently have. First, check out http://www
IMPORTANT UPDATE - I have posted an updated set of steps for working around package load failures. Please read that blog post instead of this post because it contains additional information not listed here. I do not want to take this post down becaus
The Meaning of “Ubuntu” – Explained by Nelson Mandela June 1, 2006 I have often wondered what the best way to explain the meaning, or the feeling sought to be conveyed by the word “Ubuntu”. No, it is not a word in my native tongue, and so it is all t