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After some more research it looks like a possible solution could have been pyenv with the usage described in the pyenv tutorial but it only recognizes a single system-wide python runtime (whichever is the default at the moment), and doesn't provide t
If the pythons you require are in synaptic (sudo to root and run synaptic), you probably can just use them. If not, then you, for each release, need to:1) download a tarball using a browser or whatever2) extract the tarball: tar xvfp foo. tar
I had this post hanging in my drafts on how I attempted to install a valid Python 2. 7. 9 runtime environment on Ubuntu 14
I have a script that uses two commands that require sudo. I'd like to run the script like this: sudo script. sh
Answer #: 1 If you want a wysiwyg GUI designer, Glade is your best bet: first, install glade from the software centre create your GUI, save it as, say, myapp. glade Go to the signals tab and set up your callback, such as on_window1_destroy In your py