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For reasons I don't begin to understand, its authors have written it as a Firefox plugin, but Pencil is a great FOSS prototyping tool. Like Balsamiq Mockups, it comes with a massive number of prefabricated components that allow you to quickly throw t
Jorge's generalized answer is a great introduction to jumping into Ubuntu development, but let's try to look a little closer at you specific issue. .
I'll throw my answer into the ring (though I believe these all are good ones too). The most basic answer you can get is that it's all about philosophy. In the Microsoft world, it's a bit religious - You have the gods on Mt
Step 0: learn to touch type. Seriously - if your fingers don't know where the keys are then vim is going to be a pain. And even if you reject vim, touch typing will improve your programming (ask Steve Yegge) by making the mind to monitor link frictio