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The changes we put into Precise 12. 04 LTS pm-utils /usr/lib/pm-utils/power. d address a lot of the best low-risk power savings for a broad range of machines based on some in-depth analysis with a high precision multimeter
I had no luck with hdparm on an external HDD mounted in a USB enclosure, which I use to serve media with minidlna. I came across an idea from here: https://serverfault. com/questions/562738/keeping-usb-backup-drive-from-sleeping-while-mounted Best re
Every time I turn on my computer, I see a message saying something like: Your battery may be old or broken. I am already aware that my battery is bad. How do I suppress this message? Answers 5 Maybe these instructions will help you to get rid of that
This question already has an answer here: Hibernation is still missing from menu in 13. 10 after enabling via polkit. How to enable? 4 answers The same issue on my laptop
by user203846 Last Updated July 07, 2015 12:40 PM I recently upgraded to the latest version (13. 10). I have it running on an old laptop
The key may be in this sentence, "it kills all running processes". In my case, it did NOT! The problem was caused by the redis-server process which, for some reason, couldn't be stopped normally. Once I killed all redis-serverprocesses, sudo killall
When I press the power button a dialog opens, but I want to shutdown the system without receiving "Do you really really want to shutdown?". How can I choose a direct shutdown action on a pressed power button? I had the same problem with the 11. 04 ve
Answer #: 1 HOWTO: Disable screen saver while Flash is running Run the following command in terminal: mkdir -p ~/bin Open gedit, or your preferred text editor and type this: #!/bin/bash # Cleanup any bad state we left behind if the user exited while
This page discusses methods for controlling the system fan. For Linux NOTE! Fan control operations are disabled by default for safety reasons. To enable fan control, the module parameter fan_control=1 must be given to thinkpad-acpi
I have to say one thing, I do not know how it works and the only feature that I know is advertized by all is "saves battery" but I have installed it on my desktop (to answer another question) and forgot about it. It was still running with max battery